Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato forces Selena Gomez to go to a Justin Bieber concert . Yes Selena does like his music though . She gets too meet Justin Bieber ... Read to find out what happens next .


1. Introduction


Yeah so my name is Selena Marie Gomez . My best friend is Demi Lovato , I love her too bits . Taylor Swift is also my other best friend . But I've known Demi since we were seven . 

okay so Demi and I met while auditioning for Barney in Texas when we were seven years old . She's been my best friend ever since then . It's been my dream to be on television . So when theBarney people gave me the call that I am part of the next show , I was super happy . Then the day I had too go , I searched for Demi and I spotted her . I was over joyed . Now Demi and I became Disney stars as well . Demi and I have our ups and downs but we always come through in the end . I love my best friend , actually she's more like my sister . 

Okay so I met Taylor and a Jonas brothers concert . We both got V.I.P tickets too see them and you know we got meet and greet . I literally screamed when I met them and too my surprise Nick Jonas asked me out and Joe Jonas asked Taylor out so that's how the two of us bonded . But my relationship with Nick didn't  work out , yes I was crushed but I just couldn't take all the fame . But Taylor and I still kept in touch.

That's just a bit about how I met two of my favorite people . But we are very different .  Demi and Taylor are obsessed with this male singer , Justin Bieber . I love his music but I'm not so crazy about him . Taylor and Demi are also close buds . Now the two of them bought three meet and greet tickets too Justin Bieber's concert here in Texas and they are dragging me along with them . I didn't wanna be ungrateful so I just said I'll go with them.

The concert is tonight at seven in the evening . I have no clue what I'm gonna wear , but no fear , because Demi, Taylor and I are going shopping today . They actually know what hotel and what room Justin Bieber is staying at . I always call them stackers , but I guess he is kind of good looking .

Okay I better get done Tay and Dem will be here at twelve and it's eleven right now . We gonna get some lunch at the mall . I got into the shower , I got out about ten minutes later after washing my hair and body . I put on a pair of shorts , a purple hoodie and black converse .  I brushed my teeth then towel dried my hair .  It was now 11:15

My hair was still damp so I decided too just dry it with the blow dryer . That took,about fifteen minutes .  So that means Dem and Tay are coming in half a hour . 

I left my hair loose , then I applied lipgloss and a little mascara . Perfect .

I ran downstairs . I got me a bowl of cornflakes then collapsed on the couch . I turned on the television , which eating my breakfast . I channel surfed , nothing good too watch so I just turned the television off .

If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go,
I can take you places you had never been before ,
Baby take a chance yeah you-

My phone started playing boyfriend . Which is my ringtone . Like I said , I love his music . I checked the caller ID , it was Taylor .

Selena: hey Tay .

Taylor: hey Sel . Demi and I are in your road , come out so long .

Demi: hey Sel .

Selena: hey Dem . See you girls in a couple of seconds . Bye .

Tay & Dem: bye .

I grabbed my phone and purse . I locked the door then it in Tay's car .


So there's my first chapter 

It was just a little introduction .

I won't be able too update often because of school and I'm still busy with my other fan fics .

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