Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato forces Selena Gomez to go to a Justin Bieber concert . Yes Selena does like his music though . She gets too meet Justin Bieber ... Read to find out what happens next .


3. Concert

-the concert-


Tay and Dem were freaking out next to me . Yes I was also screaming , I loved his music , okay yes I also think his cute and that .

Three guys came up to us , they cute . One had green eyes and lit brown hair , the other had blue eyes with brown hair  and the one that looked the youngest has hazel eyes with dark brown hair . He held out his hand for Dem too shake .

Hazel eyes: hi , I'm Leo .

Demi: I'm Demi , this is Sel and Tay .

She said gesturing too us .

Leo: and this is Austin ..

He said throwing his thumb at the blue eyed guy . His cute though, who am I kidding , they're all cute .

Leo:... And this is Zack .

He said point at the other guy . We shook hands , and smiled . I have to admit that Austin guy is the cutest from the three of them .

Austin: so , Sel ? How old are you ?

Sel: I'm 19 and so are my friends . How about you ?

Austin: I'm seventeen , Leo's eighteen and Zack's nineteen.

Great they close to our age , I don't car if Austin's younger than me. It's only two years right ?

The light started too flash .

Zack: sadly , I guess that means we have to leave . Could I get your number please ?

We exchanged numbers as they left . We found our seats just as Cody Simpson came on for the opening act .

Then it was Carly Rae Jepsen . And as she was in the middle of singing 'beautiful' , Justin came on stage and sang with her . The crowd cheered , girls around me started crying and fainting .

Beautiful was over so Carly said goodnight and ran off stage . Justin started to speak into the mic.

Justin: so how y'all doing tonight ?

The crowd cheered and shouted 

Justin: who wants to hear another song ?

He listened to the cheers . Then started too sing boyfriend , then as long as you love me . Then it came too Fall .

As he was singing , I felt tears run down my cheeks . Why the Bieber was I crying ? 

Justin walked , facing the direction my friends and I were in . He looked straight into my eyes as he sang . I felt something , I think it was butterflies in my stomach . When he turned away , I felt kind of disappointed . But my cheeks started too burn , damn I knew I was blushing .



I ran on stage to join Carly in singing 'beautiful'. When it was done she ran off stage . The crowd was cheering , I think us is the loudest that it has ever been ? I'm glad because its my last concert , before I take a break . Then I must be back on tour in a month or so .

Justin: so how y'all doing tonight .

I just stood there listening to my amazing beliebers cheer. I love them so much , if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am today . 

Justin: so who wants to hear another song ?

I heard them cheer even louder and I knew what that meant . I sand boyfriend , then as long as you love me .

When ALAYLM was done , I had to sing fall . I started to look into the crowd , when I turned I saw the most beautiful girl, with tears running down her face , but not like crazy tears , just a little bit . I looked straight into her beautiful sparkling eyes . I got butterflies in my stomach. But I had to turn back to the other beliebers even though I didn't want to . 

When I was done with fall , I looked back at the girl then ran off stage , so that I could get into my next costume . 

I sang All Around The World , then OLLG .

Kenny picked a young girl to be my OLLG tonight . She is so cute , she must've been like five or six ? I put the mic too her mouth and she started sing along . When it was done I gave her a hug and she kissed me on my cheek , so cute .

Justin: what's your name sweetie ?

Little girl: Stacey .

Justin: well Stacey , how old are you .

Stacey: I'm five . I love Justin .

Justin: well I love you too sweetheart .

She hugged me and the crowd said 'aww' . Then my mom took her hand and lead her back to her parents .

So the rest of the concert was normal , just like any other concert . I sang the songs from my believe album and one or two songs from the MY WORLD album . The only thing different about this concert is that I couldn't get that girl out of my head ! 'Stop itJustin , you have a girlfriend' I kept saying to myself.

Yes I have a girlfriend , but we only have to date because of the record company . I mean she's a great friend and all , but I don't like her like that . She also doesn't like me , I mean she has a crush on Jay Brooks , from the Janoskians . Anyway her name is Ariana Grande . She's my age , 19.




Sel: oh my Bieber , that concert was amazing . Thank you girls so much for bringing me along .

Dem: I knew you'd like it .

Sel: I think I even kinda have feelings for him .

Tay: SHUT UP!!

Taylor shouted excitedly . No it wasn't shut up in a rude way . I get why she was excited because I didn't really like him that much, now I have feelings for him . WTB?

Dem: well guess what love?

Sel: what ?

Demi: we gonna meet him now .

I squealed in excitement . Then walked over to the meet and greet line , damn this was long and we were the last ones there until a familiar face walked behind me .

Person: hey love ..


Sorry for the late update .



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