Scott and Tessa

So, for those of you who don't know Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, they are two Olympic champion figure skaters :) those are their wikipedia if you want to read mor about them. I ship these two all the way to china and even though they say they aren't dating I know they are ;) they look SO CUTE together!!!


1. Carmen

*A/N* Okay so I'll probably do one of these before i write every chapter. Okay, so every chapter that i write has been inspired by one of these two wonderful athlete's programs. Whether it be a showcase or a competition. This chapter is inspired by their 2013 world championship dance (link: ) which is to carmen, and they put a sexy twist on the whole song :) so yes, I do ship these two, and I promise to keep it rated teen :) also, this book is a series of one-shot on them, and the dance will appear in no particular order.


*Tessa POV*

I wrap my legs around Scott's waist and roll my shoulders. I get off him and he pulls me on in our graceful dance. The music stops and Scott dips down to my waist. I can hear the crowd screaming. Our performance was flawless, as usual. I still had the rush from performing on the ice. Scott gets up and looks at me. Hazel eyes meet my green ones. He smiles and his eyes crinkle as they do when he's really happy. He knows that this performance was flawless as well. He hugs me and I feel a little crackle of electricity go down my spine. I've always had a thing for Scott, ever since I met him when we were eight. I've never mentioned it to him, because I didn't want to ruin our professionalism with this sport and our careers. If we break up, it could ruin our chemistry on the ice. We truly look like we're in love every time I watch the replays of our performances. Of course, that's just our brilliant acting skills and the way we let the music direct us instead of having to focus on the steps. Our bodies mirror each other perfectly and we can always anticipate when the other one will move, thanks to our years of knowing each other. 

Scott and I skate off the ice, towards our coaches. As usual, they congratulate us on our flawless performance. We make our way over to the Kiss and Cry seating area, and we look at our dance replaying on the screen as the last team, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, get ready to do their final long program. The dance highlights are being replayed, but when we see the twizzles, I see that Scott and I aren't perfectly in sync. My smile drops just a little. I look over to Scott, and I see that he noticed it too. The scores go up, and we see that we are a good thirty points ahead of everybody else. Meryl and Charlie will have to skate flawlessly to beat us. They've only been partners for a couple of years so the chances of them being perfectly flawless is very low. 

We watch them dance, and I get more worried as it goes on. They are perfectly in sync. Their bodies mirror each other in a way that rivals Scott and I. I get more nervous as the dance goes on. They finish their dance and get off the ice. I flash them a quick smile as they enter the kiss and cry. Their scores come up.

They beat us by a fraction of a point. 

I look at Scott and the disappointment is visible on his face. We quickly put on fake smiles so as to seem that we have good sportsmanship. We tell the cameras how Meryl and Charlie deserved to win, how they worked so hard. 

We go back to our private dressing room, one that our coach reserved especially for us so we don't get distracted by the other skaters. Scott and I go to our respective parts of the room and begin to change. I bend down to pick up my sweater before I put my skates in my bag. I stand up and turn around to see Scott standing right behind me, holding my water bottle.

"You forgot this."
"Oh.... Thanks."

We looked at each other awkwardly. We've never stood this close to each other, chests practically touching, except during practice and competition. My green eyes flick up to his hazel ones. I can see some kind of emotion that usually isn't there. Nervousness? He leans down tentatively, and closes his eyes. Mine flutter shut as well, and I feel his soft lips on mine. His arms rests on my lower back, as it has so many times during practice, and pulls me closer. His touch is electrifying. My hand comes to rest at his neck. He pulls away slightly. I open my eyes to look into his. He smiles and chuckles a little.

"What?" I ask.
"I've been waiting a long time to do that."

I smile back. He looks at me seriously.

"I love you Tessa, and I always have. Ever since I laid eyes on you when we were eight. I've just never had the courage to say it."

My heart soars.

"I love you too Scott."

He smiles at me, and pulls me in for another kiss.

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*A/N* OMG I JUST GAVE MYSELF FEELS!!! Sorry... so yeah, as you can see I ship them pretty hard :) more to come!!! Bye :)

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