Lovers or Enemies

Jessica Martinez is a singer. She wont perform but she sings to herself. Shes been singing since age 5 ever since her parents divorce. Her best friend adores Justin Bieber but Jessica's never been a huge fan. So when they run into each other at the airport what will Jessica do.


5. The Roof top

Jessica's POV

I knew Justin was shocked that I gotten up and left him sitting there, but I couldn't just stay there it would have been awkward. The truth is I really like him, but I don't want to like him. Even though he said he's not a player something doesn't feel right. I just need proof that he truly likes me, and im not just another booty call.

"Hey Jess?"

I looked up and saw Justin standing there. My thoughts came to an end and I sat up on the bed.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I made sandwiches if you want one it's already 12:30" He said looking down.

"Yeah then maybe we could go down to the pool for a while, then come back up here shower then watch a movie or two?"

He smiled and nodded then turned around and started walking towards the kitchen. I smiled to myself.

"Oh Justin" I said calling him.

"Huh?" He asked coming back into the room.

"Carry me" I said making a pout face.

He smiled came up to me picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

"Justin!!" I screamed.

He laughed and sat me down on  a chair in the kitchen. I grabbed two sandwiches and took a bite.

"Mmm" I said giving him a thumbs up.

He laughed. We were eating in silence when he looked at me.

"Hey Jess what was your last boyfriends name?" He asked.

I winced and looked down.

"Trevor" I whispered.

"What Happened?" He asked sounding concerned.

"My mom made me break up with him. We had been together for 2 years." I said slowly.

"Why did she make you break up with him?"

"Because he-"

I stopped in the middle of my sentence and burst into tears. Justin quickly pulled me into a tight hug.

"Jessica what happened?" He asked rubbing my back.

I pulled away from the hug and wiped my eyes.

"My mom made me break up with him because he abused me. He seemed so sweet when I met him, but when we got together if I did something he didn't like he would beat me. I came home one night thinking my mom was asleep and she saw the hand print on my cheek and made me tell her everything. I would've broken up with him the first time he slapped me but I was scared." I said confessing everything to him.

He kissed my forehead and whispered "its ok" into my ear.

Justin's POV

She told me about that trevor kid. I didn't know what to say so I kissed her forehead and whispered "its ok" into her ear. I knew I had to get it off her mind.

"Jess let's go down to the pool till 3 or 4 then we can come up and watch a movie" I said.

She nodded her head and we walked into the room to get changed. She went into the bathroom of course and I changed quickly in the room. I sat on the bed scrolling through instagram comments on the picture I posted of her.

"Ready?" Jessica asked.

I looked up and nodded. I was still sitting on the bed when she grabbed the room key and slipped it into a bag. She started walking towards the door.

"Hey wait up!" I called jogging to catch up.

We were walking in the hallway when I felt Jessica grabbed my hand. I looked at her and smiled. When we got into the elevator she let go of my hand and pressed the button. When she didn't hold me hand again after she pressed it I looked at her and gave her a pout face. She giggled.


We walked to the pool and she set her bag down. She walked to the edge and dipped her toe in.

"Oh my god its freezing" She said smiling.

Jessica's POV

The water was cold so I decided I would go to the shallow and wade in. Before I could move I was pushed into the water. It was so cold. When I came up I saw Justin laughing. Suddenly I had an idea.

I gave him a glare and turned around crossing my arms.

"Im sorry Jess I had to" He said sounding sad because I was "mad".

I turned around and saw that he was by the edge. I started wading to him.

"At least help me out" I said extending my arm out to him.

When he grabbed my hand I pulled him into the water and moved out of the way when he fell in. I couldn't stop laughing. He came up and saw me laughing.

"Oh youre gonna get it Jessica!" He said swimming towards me.

I screamed and started swimming. We spent the whole time chasing each other and splashing . We were sitting down in the chairs looking at the water when I checked my phone.

"Justin can we head back to the room its 4:00?" I asked shocked at the time.

He nodded and we went back up to the room.

-half an hour later-

"Soo what movie do you wanna watch?" Justin asked flopping on the couch.

"You can choose" I said.

He picked out monsters inc I loved that movie so much. I was surprised at his choice but I went along with it.

We were about 40 minutes into the movie when I moved over to Justin to cuddle with him. He immediately responded and we both got comfortable. I could tell he enjoyed the fact that I was cuddling with him. My eyes started getting heavier and finally I fell asleep.


I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I realized that Justin was no longer on the couch. I looked around and didn't see him.


I went to check my phone.

From: Sexy Beast ;)

Come to the rooftop

I read the message and checked the time it was 9:00. I was surprised I slept so long but I went into the bathroom Fixed my hair and applied more mascara. I walked down to the elevator and clicked RT.

When the elevator opened I walked a flight of stairs and pushed open the door. When I saw what was there my mouth dropped.

There was tons of twinkling white lights. I saw Justin so I walked over to him.

"Hey its amazing up here" I said looking around.

He turned around.

"Yeah im glad you like it" He said smiling.

"Like it I love it!" I screamed squeaking when I said "love it".

He laughed. It was getting quiet so I broke the silence.

"Soo why did you want me to come up here?"

"Because I have to ask you something." He said reaching down to grab something.

He pulled out a box and opened it. It was a diamond bracelet. He held it out to me.

"Jessica Martinez will you be my baby?"


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