Lovers or Enemies

Jessica Martinez is a singer. She wont perform but she sings to herself. Shes been singing since age 5 ever since her parents divorce. Her best friend adores Justin Bieber but Jessica's never been a huge fan. So when they run into each other at the airport what will Jessica do.


3. Not so Bad

Jessica's POV

It's been such long car ride. Justin kept staring at me, and looking me up and down. I knew he was checking me out but he was acting like a creep. I find myself decent looking. I had black hair that was just below my breasts. Im normal height but Justin's taller than me. The only thing I like about myself is my eyes. They are the perfect shade of blue. My thoughts came to an end when I saw Justin lick his lips out of the corner of my eye. I rolled my eyes. Does he have to be such a creep?

Justin's POV

I couldn't help but stare at her she was just so beautiful. Her outfit didn't help at all. She was wearing skinny jeans and a low cut black top that showed cleavage. I couldn't help but lick my lips. I saw her roll her eyes. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Do you have to stare at me?" She asked clearly annoyed.

"Well you are beautiful soooo yes I do" I said giving her a cocky grin.

She rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone.

I broke the silence by saying " So I didn't catch your name"

She looked up from her phone.

"It's Jessica. What's yours?" She asked clearly teasing me.

I laughed and saw her smile. A beautiful smile.

"Is that a smile I see?" I asked looking at her.

She giggled and my body tingled.

I snatched her phone away from her.

"Hey what are you doing?!" She yelled.

"Putting my number in" I said giving her one of my cocky grins.

She raised her eyebrows then laughed which made me laugh.

I handed her phone back to her making sure she saw what I put it under.

She giggled.

I had put my name under "Sexy Beast ;)"

She looked at me and smiled. I was getting lost in her beauty when my phone vibrated.

From: Unknown

Don't stare it's not nice ;)

I looked at her and smiled she rolled her eyes and laughed.

I saved her number and put her under "Jess<3"

Jessica's POV

Now that Im spending more time with him I realized he's not that bad he's extremely cute and his eyes are just gorgeous. My thoughts came to an end when my phone vibrated.

From: Sexy Beast ;)

look who's staring now ;)

I cursed at myself for staring at him.

It was about 10 minutes later when we had pulled up to my dads studio. It was huge. The lady at the front desk showed me and Justin to the studio where we would wait for my dad. Justin's manager stayed behind and said he would be back in a few.

We sat down in the chairs. We were both on our phones.


I looked at Justin and saw that he had taken a picture of me.

"Justin!!" I yelled blushing.

He just smiled.

A few minutes later my phone vibrated.

I unlocked my phone and it sent me to Instagram where I read the caption of the picture of me that he had taken.

"Sitting here chilling with this beauty @jess_xoxo"

I looked at him and playfully hit his arm.

In a matter of seconds he had gotten tons of likes and comments. The majority of the comments where "omg are yall dating #cutecouple #jesstin".

I looked at Justin and saw that he was reading the comments to. He looked up at me and wiggled his eyebrows. I giggled and he smiled.


"Im soo sorry it took so long."

Justin and I looked up at my dad.

I got up off the couch and hugged him. We said our hello's and how long it's been and other things. It got quiet. My dad broke the ice by turning to Justin and saying " I was just downstairs talking to Scooter and he signed everything all we need is your signature and we can go to the hotel."

Justin signed whatever he was suppose to sign. I was sitting down daydreaming about Jus-. My thoughts came to a stop when my dad called my name.


I looked up and said " Yeah"

"I only have one bedroom at my place so you will be sharing a room with Justin"

I nodded my head slowly. I wasn't going to start an argument on my first day. I looked at Justin and he wiggled his eyebrows and I shook my head and laughed.

-At the Hotel-

My dad dropped use off at the hotel. A guy helped us with our bags.

"Bye Jessica love you! Oh and Justin remember she is my daughter" He said looking at both of us. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Which caused them both to look at me like I was crazy. I giggled quietly.

When we got to the room we saw that the room only had one bed.

"Ughhh" I groaned.

He laughed and smiled.

"Don't worry I wont try anything... Unless you want me to" He said giving me a wink.

I raised my eyebrows and rolled my eyes at him.

We started unpacking and finished in 20 minutes.

There was nothing to do so I grabbed my phone and started playing music when titanium came on. Knowing this is my favorite song I started singing along. It was half way through the song when I turned around and saw Justin standing there smiling.

I glared at him " Stalker Much"

Justin's POV

I was laying on the bed when I heard Jessica singing I got up and followed the sound of her voice to the kitchen. Her voice was so beautiful. I couldn't help but smile, but she turned around saw me and glared at me.

"Stalker Much" She said raising her eyebrows at me.

"Ooo feisty" I said giving her a wink

she rolled her eyes and turned off the music.

"And you know we are staying in the same room so I have a right to listen to a beautiful girl singing with her beautiful voice." I said giving her a smile.

She blushed then walked the other way quickly.

I hope this album making goes by very slow. I can't believe im spending a year with her. It makes my insides tingle.

Jessica's POV

After Justin caught me singing the only thing I could think about was how I had judged him he's really not that bad. I might kinda enjoy this year. Is it bad that part of me wishes it goes by slowly?

I was laying down in bed my thoughts running wild when Justin plopped down and got underneath the covers.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked him

"Going to bed" He said with a smile.

I rolled my eyes at him then  turned over and closed my eyes when Justin leaned over me kissed my forehead and said "Goodnight Beautiful" then laid back down. I felt my cheeks turn red and when he kissed me it sent a tingle down my spine. Damn that Bieber.

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