Lovers or Enemies

Jessica Martinez is a singer. She wont perform but she sings to herself. Shes been singing since age 5 ever since her parents divorce. Her best friend adores Justin Bieber but Jessica's never been a huge fan. So when they run into each other at the airport what will Jessica do.


12. Girls Day out Gone Wrong

Jessica's POV

I woke up and stretched. I looked around no Justin. I frowned. I got up and walked into the kitchen and there was a note.

To: Jessica

Had to go do a few things didnt wanna wake you see you later

Love, Justin

I let out a sigh. I went to get my phone and texted Maggie.

To: Mags :)

Sorry ive been really busy and i cant talk that much ill text you when ever i can ttyl love ya

No reply.

Maybe she's still sleeping or something.

I let out another sigh and called Jasmine.

J- Hey!

Me- Hey wanna go to starbucks or something?

J- Yes! I'll be there in 30!

I hung up and went to get dressed. I put on a graphic tee black skinny jeans and my purple vans. I flat ironed my hair and sat on the couch waiting.

From: Jaz

Im here

I read her message and went down to Jasmine.

-At Starbucks-

I sat at our table while Jasmine ordered. I drummed my fingers on the table and examined the crowd. There was a few adults, but one girl stood out. She had beautiful blonde hair and she wore a beanie with glasses so i couldnt see her eyes.

Jasmine sat down next to me and gave me my drink. I still kept my eyes on the girl. There was two drinks by her. A minute went by and I still watched.

Suddenly a face that i knew to well appeared next to her. He pecked her on the lips and then he sat down next to her. I froze.

It was Justin.

"Justin?" I whispered 

Jasmine looked at me then turned around. She was about to say something but i cut her off.

"Justin!" I yelled standing up.

He turned around and looked at me his mouth dropped and he was speechless. 

"You pig!" I yelled walking closer to him.

The girl turned around.

"Justin who's this?" The girl asked turning around.

I didnt even look at her. Just at Justin. 

'You know im not gonna deal with you. Jasmine is." I said pointing at the angry Jasmine. 

I walked out of Starbucks and sat on a bench about a block away.

I pulled out my phone and called someone i knew i shouldnt have.

Trevor- Hey whats up Jessy?

Me-Umm can you come pick me up im a block away from starbucks

I barley managed to get the words out.

Trevor- Yeah of course ill be there in 5

-5 minutes later-

Trevor pulled up and i got in. My eyes were watery.

"Hey whats u-"

He cut himself off when he saw my eyes.

"Whats wrong?" He asked.

"I think Justin was cheating on me. We were just in starbucks or i was with my friend and he was there with another girl and he kissed her and i-"

I cut myself off and let out a sob.

"Shhh" He said rubbing my thigh.

"Can we go to my place?" I asked wiping my tears.

He nodded and we drove up to the hotel.

We walked into the room and i sat on the couch. He did the same.

He was about to say something but i cut him off. I dont know if it was the anger or the sadness. But whatever it was made me smash my lips against his. He quickly responded and kissed back. He licked my bottom lip and gained entrance. I pulled away.

"Oh my god" I said putting my hand over my mouth.

"Im sorry" I said looking down.

"Its ok im sorry to" He said.

It went silent.

"So hey what do you say we watch a movie while eating some ice cream" He said breaking the silence.

I smiled and nodded.

He put on A Walk to Remember and we ate our ice cream and watched the movie. I moved closer to Trevor and snuggled up to him. We were almost to the end when the door knob turned and the door opened. I moved away from trevor and saw Justin standing there teary eyed and he had a hand print across his cheek. His eyes went from light to dark.

"What is he doing here?!"He half yelled.

Trevor stood up but i made him sit back down.

"Comforting me" I spat

I glared at him.

He took a deep breath.

"Look Jess let me explain what happened back th-"

I cut him off.

"Save it Justin"

"Um I should get going" Trevor said getting up.

"No stay" I said looking at him.

"No i  agree i think he should be going." Justin said glaring at him.

"Im gonna go" Trevor said getting up.

"No please stay" I said.

"He needs to leave. NOW." Justin said moving out of the door way.

"NO!" I yelled.

"Jessica he's leaving" Justin said softly.

"If he leaves I leave!"

The words came out of my mouth before i could stop them. What did i just say? I love Justin not Trevor. I mean he did cheat,or we did cheat, but did i really just say that?

Justin's face fell.

"What?" He asked his voice cracking.

"Yy-ou heard me" I said my voice cracking as well.

Nobody said anything.

"I guess ill go pack" I whispered.

I went into the room and packed all my things. I walked out and Trevor took my bags. Justin let a few tears fall before sitting down and burring his face in his hands.

What did i just do?

Trevor walked out the door and i walked slowly before turning around and whispering

"goodbye justin"

I glanced one more time before turning around and walking out the door.

And that was the last time I saw Justin.


I know this movella is short but i will be posting the sequel as soon as i can. The sequel will be called "Twisted"

PS i know things are kind of rushed and short but im hoping the sequel will be longer!

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