Lovers or Enemies

Jessica Martinez is a singer. She wont perform but she sings to herself. Shes been singing since age 5 ever since her parents divorce. Her best friend adores Justin Bieber but Jessica's never been a huge fan. So when they run into each other at the airport what will Jessica do.


11. Do you Remember

Jessica's POV

"Jessy" Trevor called.

I ignored him. What is wrong with him? 

He called my name over 10 times.

"What?!" I finally screamed.

"Where do you wanna go?" He asked.

"Back to Justin" I said glaring at him.

He laughed.

"I meant to talk" He said still laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked annoyed.

"The fact that youre dating him. The guy you said was a pig and you would never date him in a million years" He said laughing his ass off.

"Yeah well things have changed" I said playing with my hands.

"So where do you wanna go?" He asked again.

"I dont care" I muttered

He smiled.

"What?" I asked looking at him.

"Nothing its just i was remembering that time we had a water fight at my house. But the funny thing is that it started inside" He said smiling 

My mind started looking through memories.

"Oh yeah" I said kinda smiling but then quickly stopped.

He saw and frowned. He knew that was a 2 days before he first hit me. I looked at him then out the window. I started blinking back some tears. It didnt work. I burst into tears.

He parked and it was quiet. The only sound was my sobs. He finally took a deep breath.

"Jessica im sorry for what i did. I hate myself for doing that. I never wanted to hurt you." He said with sadness in his voice.

I sobbed harder. He put his hand on my arm. I flinched but then relaxed. He rubbed his thumb on my arm. My sobs started fading away. I relaxed and let my left arm fall into my lap. He gasped and moved his hand and grabbed my wrist.

"Jessica what happened? Are you ok?" He asked looking at my wrist.

I looked at my wrist. It was pretty bad.

"Nothing and yes im fine" I said lying.

"Jessica something happened." He said looking at me.

I dont know why i didnt cry when i told him everything. I dont even know why i told him.

He started the car and started driving. I could tell he was upset. I dont know why.

"Trevor?" I asked.


"Can we umm go eat? I could really use a burger right now."

He chuckled.

"Yeah we can go to Dave's Burger Palace" He said kinda smiling.

-15 mintues later-

Trevor went into the bathroom and i was just sitting there alone eating.

"Im backk" Trevor called while sliding into the booth.

"Heyy" i half smiled.

He frowned.

"Look dont be upset about what he did. I mean the things we've heard about him. It doesnt surprise me.But dont be upset Jess. Im here for you" He said putting his hand on my hand.

"Thanks" I said giving him a slight smile.

We finished eating then left.

It was silent in the car.

"Do you want me to take you back to your place?" He asked.

"Yeah" I said giving him the address.

He nodded and said we would be there in 15 mintues.

"Umm Trevor?" I asked.

"Whats up?"

"Can I have your number?.. You know just in case i need to talk to someone."

"Yeah lemme see your phone" He said.

I reached into my pockets. No phone.

"I must have left my phone at the hotel." I said letting out a sigh.

"Well no biggie here's my phone put your number in and ill text you later" He said handing me his phone.

I put my number in and we drove in silence until we got to the hotel.

"Well here we are. Oh and Jess im sorry about kinda kidnapping you. I knew you wouldnt talk to me any other way" He said pulling up to the hotel.

"Its no big deal. I had fun" I said unbuckling my seatbelt.

He nodded his head.

"Bye" He said waving.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks for being there for me."

I got out of the car and walked into the hotel. There was 2-3 people there. I sighed and walked into the elevator pressed the button and began to wonder off into my own world.


I forgot about Justin! I started to panic. The doors opened and i ran down the hall.

I got to the door then remembered Justin had the key. 

I knocked and waited a moment then knocked again.

The door opened and a very worried Justin appeared.

"Jessica!" He shouted pulling me into a hug.

We walked inside.

"Did that dick hurt you? Where did you go? What happened? Are you ok? Did he touch you?" He asked.

"Justin nothing happened he didnt hurt me or touch me. We talked had dinner and i kinda had fun." I said kicking my shoes off.

"Fun?!" He yelled.

I jumped.

"Justin calm down." I said taking a step back.

"Im so glad you had 'fun' while i was worried sick about you!!" He yelled.

He threw his hands up in the air and for some reason i fell to the ground.

"Jess are you ok?" He asked taking a step towards me.

I got up quickly.

"Get away from me." I said backing up.

"Jess come here" He said coming closer to me.

"I said get away!" I screamed while running into the room and locking the door.

I sat on the bed and cried. I dont know why i cried. I guess he's never yelled at me like that.

There was a knock on the door. I ignored it.

"Jess let me in" Justin said softly.

I was about to get up when my phone went off.


I grabbed my phone.

From: Unknown

Hey! Guess who it is?

I smiled.

To: Unknown

hmm idk tell me

From: Unknown

Its batman! jk cheesy i know haha its trevor  you doin ok?

To: Trevor

haha and yeah i guess but hey i gotta go night

From: Trevor

alright text me if you need me! Goodnight :)

I locked my phone and got changed into sweats and a tank.

I walked over to the door unlocked it and swung it open. Justin was sitting on the floor and jumped up when the door opened.

I turned around and got in the bed staring at the ceiling.

"Jess what just happened?" Justin asked sitting down on the bed beside me.

I shrugged my shoulders. I really didnt know what happened. 

It was quiet.

"Jess?.. Do you really love me and only me?" He asked looking down.

I shot up.


"Do you really love me and only me?" He asked again.

I got angry.

"Are you kidding me? Of course i love you! I should be asking you that question! Im pretty sure you tell every girl you meet that!" I yelled.

He rolled his eyes and was about to say something but i cut him off.

"Look lets not fight tonight ok?" I said sitting back down on the bed.

He nodded and laid down. He kissed my cheek and i fell asleep thinking of trevor for some reason.

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