Lovers or Enemies

Jessica Martinez is a singer. She wont perform but she sings to herself. Shes been singing since age 5 ever since her parents divorce. Her best friend adores Justin Bieber but Jessica's never been a huge fan. So when they run into each other at the airport what will Jessica do.


1. Bad News

"Jessica can you come down here for a second"

"Coming!" I yelled.

I ran down the stairs into the kitchen where I found my mother sitting at the table.

"Jess have a seat." She said.

"What did I do this time?" I asked.

"Well you're going to be upset about this but..... you're going to go to your dads for a year." She said slowly.

"WHAT!!" I yelled

"Jess don't get mad please you need to go spend time with him, and plus it will be good for you I know things have been tough ever since your breakup with Trevor."

"Fine. Whatever. When do I leave?" I asked

"Tomorrow." She said slowly.

I rolled my eyes and walked to my room to text my bff Maggie the big news.


To: Mags :)

guess who's leaving for a year to New York :(

From:Mags :)

what?!! :(

To: Mags :)

im sorry :( and I have to go pack I leave tomorrow :(

From: Mags :)

kay :(

I threw my phone on the bed and packed my clothes, makeup, and other girly needs.

After i had packed i went to bed.



"Ughh" i groaned.

I grabbed my phone to see who it was.

From: Mags :)

Guess who's going to be in New York.... The one The only JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

"Just Great." I said to myself.

Im one of those girls who's not a huge fan of him i just hope i dont run into him. God only knows what will happen.

I locked my phone and went back to bed wondering why my dad would want to all of a sudden see me for a year...

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