The Triwizard Tournament

My life was normal at hogwarts. Nothing was odd other than all the evil creatures trying to kill me at every turn. There is a lot of danger here at Hogwarts and I am right in the middle of it. If things weren't bad enough, I was entered into the triwizard tournament in my 4th year. Sounds familiar right? My name is Danny Gretts and I am in serious danger.


1. What's going on?

     In the great hall, professor McGonnagl was waiting for each of the students to quiet down.

"STUDENTS!" she called out. "Today, we are very lucky to be the host of the triwizard tournament again. As we know, the incident with Mr. Harry Potter and Cedric Diggary will not happen again for there is no lord Voldemort or Tom Riddle. The three schools that will be competing are the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons." I rolled my eyes.

     As she said the school names, they came in the great hall with a beautiful and amazing entrances. Kiham Krum, a decendent from Victor Krum, was the star quidditch player. Wow this is sounding really familiar now. Then there is Adelle Delphine, she was a beautiful Beauxbatons school girl. At least that's different.

     I turned my back to see Adelle walk past me. I was drinking from my cup when I accidently spit out my drink. You see, I don't really have any friends. The only friends I have are Robbie and Sarra. "Sorry! I'm so sorry!" I said lending her a cloth to wipe off the mess. "It's quite alright!" He said as she continued walking to her seat.

     "Sarra?" I asked calmly. "Yes?" She replied.

     "What's going on? What exactly is happening?"

     "Danny! You have to be paying much more attetion instead of talking to Robbie all the time. It's the triwizard tournament."

     "And what's that?"

     She sighs. "It's where three schools compete for eternal glory!"

     "Oh, well ok I remember now. Is it like the time with Harry and Cedric?"

     "Yes, exept that noone will die."

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