Wired to be Weird (Jamal Edwards self belief tshirt design)

Self Belief is extremely important to me. I've take a lot of pride in my individuality and my motto is 'Wired to be Weird' I came up with it because wired is an anagram for weird and I thought well everyone is different and people should celebrate that. So, being a textiles and graphics student, I put my skills to some actual use and create this tshirt. If it doesn't win, I don't mind because I will custom make it and sell it because my friends have been asking for one. This is probably my fave movellas competition so far because the message is really important; to believe in yourself.


1. My shirt design, front and back

On the front of my Tshirt is the sentence:

You are brilliant. Remember that.

Then in the bottom right hand corner is the caption:

BElieve in

which is a combination of 'believe in yourself' and 'be you'


Then on the back of my tshirt, at the top just under the neck are the words 'wired to be weird' because I believe everyone is wired to be weird literally. Everyone is unique in their own way and we have been wired to be individuals and we should be proud of it. Also wired is an anagram for weird which I thought was a bit cool and I just had to mention that :)

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