The war

"Margret where are you" I yelled at my little sister "I can't tell you that would be cheating" she yelled back I was 8 at the time this memory is the last happy one before it all went down hill


8. This is why. . .

A=Avery J=jordyn

J-argh my head hurts!!!! "ughhh i cant see!!!!" i screamed in frustration

A-"its the morphine there was something in it that makes it impossible to see for at least 4 minutes thats why they were so hurried to put you out again" said who im guessing was avery

J-" ok where is em?!?!?!"

A-"Jordyn i'm sorry they came out of nowhere"

J-"I knew this would happen this is why i wanted to leave its your fault shes gone "i yelled

"whys it my fault" asked Avery

"because if you hadn't gone and gotten us kidnapped at the castle three years ago none of this would have happened"I said

"You realize i just lost my sister too right that your not the only one open your eyes abby and abs are gone too"

"I know but why didn't caroline do something???"

A-"she i think was knocked out first"

J-" I swear if they hurt any of them they won't live to see another day when i find them"

 A-"Can you untie your hands?"

J-"1 valid question and usually I would burn of the ropes 2 no"


J-"Well you know how they added a special ingredient to the morphine…"


J-"It kinda might be this thing the lab at the castle cooked up that led to us being captured because I couldn't use my powers"

A-"You didn't think to mention it!!!"

J-"No it doesn't matter it will be like when I was at the palace"

A-"and how is that"

J- "well I'm trained in hand to hand combat, I can throw knives and shoot a gun I'm a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and Jiu-Jitsu and I can swear like a sailor"

A-"and that's so helpful with your hands behind your back because?(heavy sarcasm)

J-"typical scenario in self defense class actually"

A- "self defense too? how did the Queen feel?"

J- " she doesn't know otherwise she would have warned them to check my sleeves"

A-" why is that?"

I had freed my arms and was working on my legs by now and she just realized "how did you do that???"

" I keep knives in my sleeves and have numerous weapons all over my body"

"Ok remind me not to tick you off"

"No problem"

I started cutting the ropes off her hands and feet. As I ran my hands through my hair to flatten it I found a note from none other than Margie dearest (cough cough sarcasm)

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