The war

"Margret where are you" I yelled at my little sister "I can't tell you that would be cheating" she yelled back I was 8 at the time this memory is the last happy one before it all went down hill


5. Sisters? part 2

Recap: “Avery what happened”

Jordyn’s P.O.V.

                “Well I’m the reason you’re all hurt or fighting” said Avery

                “What did Em say to you?”

                “She said that she couldn’t trust me after what had happened and I know that’s her choice but I really want to gain her trust”

                “Well leaving us and your sister won’t do that”


We walked back to the house and when we got there Em was crying “what’s wrong” I asked

                “I thought you had left me” Em said, crying.

                “No I was getting Avery back”

                “Hey Avery can we talk” asked Caroline

                “Yes” Avery responded uncertainly

Em’s P.O.V.

                Oh great Jordyn's coming to talk to me this can’t be good

                “Emily why did you say that to her?”

                “She was dark!”

                “She couldn’t help it she was changed as a child by… never mind” I wonder why she won’t tell me. She’s hiding something and I intend to ask Caroline what it is to find out

                “I have a question” I said

                “I might have an answer” said Jordyn who is always sarcastic.

                “Why do we live in the woods are there cities or other places. Things that we haven’t seen?

Jordyn's P.O.V.

Oh no she finally asked about the city technically there’s only one but I don’t want Em to have to go through the same thing I did. *flash back* I’m in the arena with my friends. Why my friends.

“I’m the one you want, why take my friends to?” I yelled to the queen and government

“why because their your friends they are associated with you that makes them enemies of the country also" 

“That’s true but that doesn’t warrant this madness, a fight to the flag, we all know you're going to kill us with the obstacles”

“you dare speak to your queen and government that way, for shame!” said Margret (the queen)

“oh Margi  you always were a bit bitter weren’t you” I retorted sarcastically but I did mean it I grew up with her I'm the sister Em doesn’t know about and I know the nickname I gave her as a child would sting her

“ok Jordyn” whispered Caroline who they had also captured “that’s enough”

no its not they have Avery also”

“w-w-what w-w-where is she”

“ I'm sorry I couldn’t stop her I really am” I said almost crying, no the wont get the satisfaction of seeing me cry *end of flashback* I didn’t relies I was curled up in a ball in the corner I had taken the memory of my sister from Em and the memory of her sister from Caroline. Oh crap Avery can read minds and I didn’t block my mind from her, surprisingly Em was letting her comfort me “its ok Jordyn you couldn’t have saved me from that without losing Caroline do you remember what I told you” Avery whispered in my ear “I’ll always remember” I said “you told me to protect her and never let them catch us again and the next time I saw you not to trust you” “exactly but it’s alright you’ve fixed your mistake” “what about Margi” I asked "I don’t know Jordyn I don’t know."

A/N ok I'm doing my best with this let me know what you think. Thanks for starting to read this.

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