The war

"Margret where are you" I yelled at my little sister "I can't tell you that would be cheating" she yelled back I was 8 at the time this memory is the last happy one before it all went down hill


6. Memories and dreams

Abbie’s P.O.V.

I really hope that Jordyn’s ok I'm worried for her Em asked her something and Jordyn ended up in the fetal position on the floor “Em, what did you ask her” I said

“I just asked if there was a city or anything we hadn’t seen” said Em. Avery was making a face

“Avery what's wrong?”  I asked her.

“Avery” said Caroline waving a hand in front of Avery’s face.

“Jordyn's eyes just opened” said Abbs suddenly Avery was holding Jordyn and they started whispering to each other. Em ran to separate them and Caroline froze her in place.

Caroline’s P.O.V.

I saw Em running to them she was going to split them up so I froze her when Jordyn was calm I said “ok I'm lost does this have something to do with the block in my memory from the first 8 years of my life that you’ve been helping me fix”

“Fix?” said Avery raising her eyebrow at Jordyn

“You know what I've been doing Avery” said Jordyn

“You shouldn’t have had to reinforce it if it was permanent” said Avery Jordyn mumbled something back but none of us understood her. I'm going to assume she blocked her mind from Avery also.

“I'm sorry, what was that?” said Avery

“I said it’s not permanent”

“Then let her remember, it’s as simple as taking down the barriers you put around your mind and heart and the others memory’s”

“Avery!!!”Said Jordyn

“They need to know” Avery said

“Ok guys everyone be quite I need to concentrate” said Jordyn. I could tell she was scared of what we would think of her once we remembered but I wasn’t mad she took the memories there must be a reason.

Jordyn's P.O.V.

I'm terrified that they will be mad once they remember. I did it for them they asked not to remember, it will be fine oh great now Avery’s in my head hey be nice you had to do it eventually yah preferably the block wearing off after I'm dead oh come on I love seeing people remember by the way I said all of us I meant me too I already saw who your other sister was you were right to leave your parents and take Em if you didn’t she could be like Margi true but no buts ok fine

“You guys should all sleep you’ll remember through your dreams” I said “anyone need help falling asleep?”

 “Yes” was the all-around response

“By the way none of us hate you” said Caroline who is always in my head

“Thanks now sleep” *dream ending of the flash back* “so Margi how are mom and dad?” the court gasped

“Don’t act like we’re sisters as I recall you were disowned”

“No I actually want to know how they are doing without their second little puppet. I was smart enough to leave and as I recall I left of my own free will you just saved me the process of running. Yes the tough girl of the palace with no feelings was getting ready to run”

“Well they are getting by fine they had a third, kept her a secret from us but, I prefer being an only child so she is the flag”

“Her name” I asked.


Caroline please can we get her it’s risky and you never told me you were an exiled princess well would you have stayed if I had good point lets go get the poor child yay!!!

We were half way through the course we stayed together through it but then someone screamed I assume it was Emily calling for the guards to stop us from taking her. now before you go off on me for speaking to Margi read the conversation

Mental conversation

Hey why didn’t you leave with me? Well we have to have someone in the palace don’t we and poor Em she doesn’t know how the country, is our parents taught her not the professors we had. im going to give her back her powers once she’s with you wait did they make you take away her magic? Yes now go find her I have one request what is it erase my memory I can’t restore Avery but you can and when you do she will make you give back all of the memory’s you're going to have to take why do I have to take peoples memory’s go find out everything will work now go!!!!

I ran as fast as I could got Em and teleported out Caroline followed suit then she asked me to erase her memory so she wouldn’t remember her sister I did the same to Em so she wouldn't remember the palace. Just then two girls about ems age came running out of the palace begging to come with us and forget the palace so i took their memorys and Emily them and Caroline suddenley passed out i then took them to the hut where all of our hair except ems changed color which surprised me because that meant she was ready to lead I knew if I gave her memory back before building happy ones that she would run back to our parents. Having been a royal I know that your names tattooed on your wrist when the girls asked about it I didn’t tell them that we... *dream ends abruptly* there was so much yelling i couldnt open my eyes then i heard someone yell "shes awake" i felt a prick in my leg then i was falling into darkness the last thing i heard was em yelling " Jordyn dont let them take me" A/N what do you think is going to happen O_o

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