The war

"Margret where are you" I yelled at my little sister "I can't tell you that would be cheating" she yelled back I was 8 at the time this memory is the last happy one before it all went down hill



Ok so this is my first movella no hate please this is pretty much based on a dream I had and I'm changing what happened and i might add in pieces of the dream. I'm sorry if its bad. Umm the chapters will probably pretty short considering I'm pretty much making this up as I go along. I know this is boring but if you are reading this and have any ideas for some thing to happen or you think it's good or bad I'm very open to hearing opinions and want to know your ideas or how you think it is thanks btw if you are reading this thanks and I know the title is horrible but I didn't have any better ideas and I'm posting through my iPhone so… yah this should be a interesting experience bye :)~ Twixie

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