adopted by 5 amazayn people

hey my name is summer i dont know my last name because i had been in a care home ever since i was 4 and i am now 14.
my life was hell until my 14th birthday 28 September.


3. the surprise *still flash back on 14th b-day*

once i woke up i had a shower and got changed into my favourite outfit: american flap crop top, pair of black leggins and high tops.

once i finished getting changed i curled my hair put on my usual make-up which is mascara and lip gloss.

i was now ready to go down stairs and eat my birthday breakfast. but i was surprise because when i got down stairs i was told to go and pack my stuff because i was getting adopted. i did as i was told and packed my stuff. once i got down the stairs with all my stuff. i went to the office and was really surprise to go in there and see ......

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