The little auburn road

not knowing where shes going, never looking back, meeting harry and niall maye once or more traviling on that little once auburn road running into people, never seen before. watching things passing on this little auburn road,where is her fate to go? never telling her thing called a name because well, thats the game. never knowing which way to go will her prince be there to help her go? still traving on that little auburn road making new friend and politly saying hello then once agian bak to that little auburn road. where will she go? nobody knows. will her hero save her once more?


2. Waiting

     (there is no points of veiw like i said because its the game dont worry i will tell in the end)


There she sits uner that little shady oak tree waiting for someone to call family. No knowing where to go next on this little aubrn road.People wave and say hey but thats not what she wants. She wants someone to say "are you ok" someone to leand her a hand, to love her.still she sits carefully watching. She admires the little children that run and play every single day and watching the parents too thinking to hersef"will that ever be me one day", tired of being alone, feeling like a fool she grabs her bags and carrys on. As she walks down this little road she thinks all day "will anything ever be the same"? she wanders upon a buissness. She will have to make money and have a job like every body else. She carefully walks up the stairs and to the doors seeing a sign saying help needed. Walking in so carefully and shy. "hello how can i help you miss" the desk lady asks without looking into the girls eyes. she replies with "i-i s-saw the help wanted-d sign" she studders gaining a little more courage."go throug that back door over there" she says pointing and also says "then take a left into the hall own there and the door is also on the left, i  believe the room number is 421"she says without a care n the world."thanyou" the shy girls says.

she thinks to herself, ok go to the back. ok im here, now take a left down to a hall. There it is room 421 on the left. "AHA" she wispers. Sh finally gains enough courage to knock. *knock knock* "come on in" the voice replies. she slowly turns the knob worried of whats on the other side. "hello how can i help you miss" he asks her."sir the lady at the desk told me there was help wanted so im here to appliy" i formally yold him. "OH ok there is a assistance job opening if you want it its yours there are alot of errans and things like bringing clients water and things" he informed her."i would be glad to take the job and i dont mind to do those things i would just like to make money so i could buy a house sir"she tld him. "call me Simon"   

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