The little auburn road

not knowing where shes going, never looking back, meeting harry and niall maye once or more traviling on that little once auburn road running into people, never seen before. watching things passing on this little auburn road,where is her fate to go? never telling her thing called a name because well, thats the game. never knowing which way to go will her prince be there to help her go? still traving on that little auburn road making new friend and politly saying hello then once agian bak to that little auburn road. where will she go? nobody knows. will her hero save her once more?


3. Simon

       "call me simon"he said. "ok simon when do i start?" the girl asked "well i could acctually use help today" he told her "thats fine is there a uniform i need?" she asked with curiosity. "there are some in the back storage room over there it should have a short above knee black skirt and a blue blouse." he said informing her.she headed out of the room more twards the exit sign to find the storage room, thinking to herself that the small would fit but she was a little to tall thinking the skirt would be a little to short so she grabbed a medium and went to the bathroom to put it on. it was a little big but she thought to herself that it looked alright. she pushed and pulled her belt through the loops and securing the latch in one of the little notches giving the skirt a perfect fit then tucking in her pale blue blouse and pulling  her hair from the back of her head to her sholders slightly wetting it and scruntching it to get the curly wavy look in her hair. she put he other cloths in a bag and stuck it in her employee locker. she walked into simons office and asked him what she should do. he went through the list ect. and she knew exactly what to do. Simons first clients would be there soon and she would show them through and tell simon that they are here and bring them what ever they desire. she walked out side and sat behind the desk with mary waited for a band little mix then a band called one direction. the girl still had no idea where she was going to go all she knew was it was going down that little old same auburn road.   



to be continued...  

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