Nothing Like Us

When Lyra gets into a no strings attached relationship with a worldwide superstar, they both start to develop feelings for each other. It gets to much for Lyra but she isn't strong enough to pull out of it. What will happen?


1. Rehearsals


"Lyra you aren't putting any effort into this at all" Brian shouted 

Everybody was staring at me. Quick think of a comeback...

"Well i'd like to see you dance in 5 inch heels" i stated rudely 

I honestly didn't care what he thought, he wouldn't give somebody else the part he knows i'm one of the strongest dancers. 

I was putting effort in, i'm just so fucking tired.

I had to stay at the arena till 10 last night and then drive 2 hours to my hotel. I'm in Vegas for the billboard awards, i live in Calabasas but i'm from England. I know all the dance perfectly yet he's making us perform the routine again and again and again and...

"Right girls!" hiss annoying voice echoed through the arena.

Now the artist wants 5 girls to do a slight extra part at the end. Everybody groaned, but i think i was the loudest because i was chosen. 

"Lyra i'm loving the enthusiasm how about you" 


Not even bothering to argue because i knew he wouldn't let me win i agreed.

"So" i huffed, surrounding him with the 4 other picked girls. 

"what's the deal?"-

"Well, after the routine a 60 second instrumental part will play. This is when Nicki gives Lil Wayne a  'dance'. So what you 5 are going to do is walk down to the first five celebrity's in the front row, and well give them the same dance" Brian nervously awaited our reactions.

Nobody said anything i think we are all pretty shocked but i don't mind, giving a lap dance to some hot celebrity is pretty cool.

"Ok?" he asked

We all nodded our heads in unison.

After he taught us it i was getting worried. It was quite sexual and i knew i would look like an awkward hot mess in front of everyone.

'It will be alright' i kept telling myself over and over.

It was showtime. Just two more performances and then i would be on. 

I was currently getting my hair and make up done then my outfit would be revealed. Brian told us that we didn't need dress rehearsal because our outfits were so tight they wouldn't get in our way of dance. Great, eurgh. 

My dark brown hair was scraped back into a high ponytail with long extensions, I had smoky eye make up with a deep red lip color and my eyebrows filled in. 

Finally for my outfit, it was a leather leotard with bare legs and black heels. I'll admit it i looked like a whore but i couldn't do anything about it now. 

"5 minutes everyone" a guy shouted out 

I was nervous and excited, this isn't the biggest thing I've done in my short career but i still get freaked out before every performance.

"Everybody on stage now, everybody on stage!" 

Just breather Lyra. 


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