Your Rain

memories -


1. Your Rain

  Little drops of 


  in my hair,

 morning rain

 of your sorrows,

 You`re longing

 for the white me-

 unknown me,

 untouchable me,

 your need comes

 as a late cherry 

 blossoms on a

 spring tree,

 i feel your tears

 on my cheeks,

 your heart- 

 in my hands.  


 When your silence

 covers my shoulders,

 I feel the thrill of breeze,

 blowing through my broken window,

 smell of flowers, devotion and dreams,

 Your smiling face is stamped in my

 mind, colorful night, no sound around.  


 Just your pure presence, 

 your rain, just your arms,

 your scent,

 your look,

 moving me inside deep.      




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