Fairy Tale School

Welcome to fairy tale school, where all fairy tale characters come to school!
Princesses, fairys, goblins all come her to learn how to master powers, become good leaders or how to slay a dragon. All is well until Morgan Le Fay academy decides they want only one school, but MLFA is filled with witches and evil fairys. Join little red, Prince Arthur and Lilliana the fariy as they try to save their school.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

I look around the peaceful village, young kids playing with balls or Woden swards, woman cleaning, making dinner for their families. And the men, farming or working at the shops. How I would love to live like that, carefree and peaceful. My life is anything but peaceful, I got little kids trying to catch me at night and young men trying to chase me in the morning. I am Lilliana and I'm a fairy. Without being chased, I have a hard life trying to make my uncle Merlin happy with my powers plus being a princess. You see back in Avalon I'm a princess and I still am in the human world but not to the humans only to the animals and the unlucky people that have  saliee blood in them.    

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