Brother Dragon -2-

fairy -tale like ...


1. Brother Dragon -2-


There were three brothers,

once upon a time,

in a far away land

living with all memories

behind -

They had just one

treasure  in the world -

little cute sister

as miracle of all girls,

She had long golden plait,

she was delightful and fine

in snow white dress,

they called her Lina bright.    


One day with cold rain 

and darkness from skies,

the evil witch spelled

on her magical cast,

transforming her body

and soul in the single

apple tree, she hoped

the magic forever to last...  


The tree bears golden 

apples with scent of love,

The witch didn`t want

to take her cast away,

she looked her in the

crystal ball,   


Her three brothers were 

sick from deep sadness,

with her the sunlight was gone,

and their mind sank in madness.  


The witch felt pity on them 

and turned them into three

mysterious dragons,

who flew and fought in the night -

They were red, yellow and green,

They slept under the tree, 

where her sister`s soul was in,

started to cry with dragon tears

for her loss, even to die they

didn`t fear, just to have her 

again in their arms.  


But most of all the Red dragon

missed her, from his warm

painful teardrops, a golden apple

turned into young beautiful girl,  


There she was again! 

with her golden long plait,

made of love and jasmine scent.

She appears and covered the sunlight

with her magical smile... 

The witch was so old and helpless 

in this time, So it was the moment

for the Dragon fairy to come -

she sprinkled her dust 

on Red Dragon, until 

of charming brother prince

he had his form...  


And then on Yellow and Green,

Never such fairy wonder was seen!  

since all the time we knew 

from the tells of fairies,

We could easily guess 

in the end, they both 

were happily

....... married.     




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