Second Generation of One Direction

Follow the journey of One Direction's kids. You get to meet Harry's daughters, Niall's daughter, Liam's son, Zayn's daughter and sons, and meet Louis' son. You also get to meet the wonderful wives of One Direction.


3. The First Day Of School

                                                               Darcy's P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of the irritating buzz of a video chat request. Yawning loudly, I throw my arm across to my bed side table, where my phone is sitting, before rolling my eyes in annoyance at the sudden wake-up call. I pick up the mobile, wondering whether or not to answer, until I see it's Carly Horan, my beach blonde, sapphire eyed best friend. Lifting the corners of my mouth into a perky grin, I answer giddily, "Hey girl!"

"Hey! So what do you think of my first day of school outfit?" Carly asks.

"Amazing," I answer, nodding my head in approval at her cute, sparkly top and skirt ensemble. "So.. What about me? What do you think I should wear?" 

Carly considers, biting her lip in the most endearing manner possible to man kind.It's not fair - my best friend is clever, talented, gets to babysit the sweetest little boy on Earth AND is so hot that she doesn't even have to try to get the guys! "Well... I think you should wear your new dress!"

"Perfect. See you at the bus stop." I hang up on the video chat and get hurriedly get changed into my my new yellow dress. To me, it's exactly the thing for the first day of school - it's little white collar shows that yes, I'm fashion fabulous, but the over size pearls I'm wearing, give off an aura of classical charm and appeal. 

With that, I scurry into the bathroom to brush my teeth, painting my nails ebony whilst doing so,  haphazardly brush my hair as I stumble down the stairs, push on my shoes, out the door, and onto the path which will lead me to the school bus stop and Carly.

I arrive at the back of a long queue, so I breath out heavily in relief as Carly spots me and waves me up to the front next to her. Sometimes I wish I had the star status my Dad had as a child. At least I wouldn't have to wait in bus queues.

"Hey Carly! I forgot to tell you earlier...your outfit is gorgeous." 

"I know, right?" Carly happily smiles back. "But your dress is absolutely chic.  I love how you wore those pearls to class it up. You should be on the front page of Teen Vogue with style like that!"

"Thanks!" I grin modestly. 

Carly looks at me, then takes a deep breath as though she's about to say something so important it's life changing. Her mouth opens, just as the bus sweeps up to us, leaving her to bite back her unspoken words, replacing them with, "Here's the bus." I ignore her strange attitude as we walk to the back of the bus, to the seats we've longed to sit in on the first day since the start of secondary. Today it seemed, we were yet again not in luck. A blonde and a red head sat gossiping, perched on the exact same spots we wanted. As we approached the seats, we slowly turned around, seeing they were occupied, and began to walk away.

 Then the blonde said something.

"Did you guys want these seats?"

"Yes, but it's not that big of a deal." Carly replies honestly.

"You guys can have it," they say and they get up and move to another.

"Thanks, you guys are so nice," I say as Carly and I sit down. Once you sit in a seat it's permanent for the rest of the year - it's like the law of secondary school! Finally we have the seats we've been wanting for years - though it feels like centuries to me!

"So, what do you think that was about?" Carly asks, slightly suspicious of our benefactors.

"I don't know, but they were super nice."

"True. Maybe too nice though..." Carly tails off as I frown at her, and glare pointedly at the two girls who are still sitting in earshot. "So I heard there is going to be two new guys in our year."

"Cute?" I question quickly.


"Ooh. Sounds like my type all ready," I say as we laugh.

"Yeah, and I also heard that they're twins."

"We should totally date twins. Then, we could go on double dates together."

"Totally. I love the way you think Darcy."

"Why thank you Carly!" I reply, mocking. "Though seriously, they're far more likely to want you then me."

Carly shakes her head at me, impatient. "No way, you're hot, girl!"

I raise my eyebrow.

"And you're funny! And you're really popular! And -"

The bus once again stops Carly's flattering words as we grind to a holt outside our school. I shrug at her, stopping her from restarting her flow of praises.

"See you at lunch," we say at the same time as we walk away to our classes. A couple of passers by compliment me on my style choice, and I grudgingly admit to myself that Carly did say one true word of praise.

Carly and I are kind of popular, but not because of our dads. No one knows who our dad are. Which is really cool. We are popular because everyone likes us for who we are. We are nice to everyone, but some times, well I guess we can be a little intimidating, Carly especially. I suppose it's because we're always together, always have each others backs. Carly's had to have mine a bit more frequently lately, as my confidence in myself hasn't ever been great and is slowly deteriorating due to my failing grades.

Through my train of thought, I find I've come to my first class room of the year, and also, first droning teacher's voice to listen to this year. Yippee. 

As I twirl my pencil absentmindedly, an interesting scrap of information penetrates my boredom, as the teacher, in her heaving, boring voice states,

"Class, starting tomorrow we are going to be having a new class mate. Dillon is moving to our class from Ireland. Be nice to him and welcome him nicely." I open my eyes wider as I realize that this is  one of the new twins Carly was talking about. 

So entranced by my thoughts of the new boys am I, that when the school bell rings for lunch, it seems as if only seconds have passed. Looking for Carly amongst the sea of people,  I get in line to get my lunch. The same thing as normal happens. Guys ask where Carly is, I get my lunch, and I go to sit down.  I sit down next to Carly as usual, along with the bunch of assorted people already flocking round her,

"Hey Steph," I say to Stephanie, a face which I recognize.

"Hey Darce." she answers offhandedly.

"Guess what? The new twins everyone is talking about are coming tomorrow. One of them is in my form. I think their names are Dillon and Daniel!" I squeal excitedly.

"Like you haven't already memorized their names," snorts Carly, before continuing, "Sounds perf for us Darce!"

"Oh, you guys are going to try and date them?"chimes in Stephanie, suddenly interested.

"Well they need someone to show them around for the year."Carly smirks.

"Oh, well there's others already calling dibs you realize?" 

"OK ,whatever. We really don't care we haven't even met them yet. I have to like them based on their personality," I say sincerely. 'Although if they are cute that's just a bonus.' I add silently. 

The bell cuts our conversation short, as it signals that lunch is over and that we should all trudge off our separate ways to our separate classes.

The rest of the day flies by in a blur, my thoughts focused solely on Dillon and my chance of finally bagging a guy after months of living as a single pringle. Whereas, Carly has dated three guys in the last two months.

Too soon, I'm sitting in my favorite armchair at home, as my Mum lounges on the sofa, home early from her banking job in the city nearby.                                                         

"Hi mum," I say.

"Hey sweetie. How was your first day of school?"

"Pretty boring," I tell her truthfully. I brighten up though, at the thought of the new boys. "There are going to be two new students in school tomorrow mum. Twins! Their names are Dillon and Daniel. Dillon's going to be in my class."

"That's cool sweetie."

"Mum, are you even listening?"I groan, as my so not listening mother turns the page of her newspaper absent mindedly.

"I'm listening. I just have to go pick up your sister from school in a minute."she replies.

She steps into the hallway and begins slipping on her shoes, leaving me in the living room, alone, kept satisfied only by the thought of the two gorgeous humans I'd be meeting tomorrow.





Mirlotta here, the new coauthor. If you read the chapter when this note wasn't here, read it again because I've added in extra bits and just generally edited it. 


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