Second Generation of One Direction

Follow the journey of One Direction's kids. You get to meet Harry's daughters, Niall's daughter, Liam's son, Zayn's daughter and sons, and meet Louis' son. You also get to meet the wonderful wives of One Direction.


6. Family Outing Day Two

Darcy's P.O.V

I woke up to the sudden sound of birds chirping and smell of my mum, Uncle Liam, and my dad cooking. I got up and scratched my head. I carefully opened the tent trying not to wake Hannah and Carly. It was bit cold so I got my small sweater my dad got me for my 13th birthday. 

"Good morning mum, dad, Uncle Liam." I whispered. I think I startled them by the impression that dad and mum jumped a bit and Uncle Liam almost dropped the spatula he was holding. "Sorry." I giggled quietly. Dad came forward, giving me a quick squeeze and peck on my forehead. I came to hug mum and then hug Uncle Liam. 

"What are doing awake so early?" mum asked. I grabbed dad's arm and looked at his wristwatch. It read 7:56 am. My eyes looked like they were going to pop out of my head. The earliest I woke up on vacation was 1 in the afternoon. I heard little chuckles from Uncle Liam. I shook my head to get out of the trance I was in. 

"Need any help?" I asked. My mum smiled and handed me a bowl with 10 brown, large eggs. 

"Crack all these eggs and mix them." she smiled "Oh!" she said, turning around, grabbing an utensil "You'll need this." she continued, passing me a whisk. I carefully set the eggs on the same picnic table and then started cracking them. I took out some yolks and then started whisking them. I stopped after I saw them a light yellowish color and handed them to dad. He then started to put a skillet onto the small fire and started cooking omelets. Uncle Liam was making coffee in a pot, and mum was taking out the croissants out of the box and putting them nicely onto the table. I laughed because that was too fancy a food to take camping. 

"Dad? What time is it now?" I asked impatiently. I felt like we were setting up for a good 3 hours or so.

"It's half past 11." He stated. Soon after I heard the others waking up. The aroma hit them hard. I saw Uncle Niall running out of the tent. The smell overtaking him. His family as well as the others got out of the tent. Small, little murmurs were coming out of their mouths, complementing the food. I smiled, knowing we did a great job on it. I handed out plates as they sat down and helped mum, dad, and Uncle Liam serve the food. When we were done serving, we sat down as well. Moans coming out of my mouth as the flavor ran through my mouth. We were all done so we left the dishes in one of the boxes. The kids went to play as me and the other mums were washing them. We dried our hands and left to do our own things. Hannah, Carly, and I went to get our bikes and started to go around the whole campsite. 

"It's really nice here." Hannah said. 

"Yeah, but a little bipolar, don't you think?" Carly asked.

"What do you mean?" Hannah and I said simultaneously.

"The weather. It's hot at first, then it drops below freezing in less than a second." Carly explained.

"Stop exaggerating, Carly. It's great." I spoke out. We kept riding until we got tired. We found a little lounge where we can rest, but it was empty.

"You guys wanna rest here?" I asked. 

"No, I'm fine. Let's go back to our campsite." 

We head back to the campsite and find everyone getting into their bathing suits. "What are you guys doing?" asks Hannah.

"We are going to the lake to go swimming," says James excitedly. We go to our tent and get on our bathing suits. We all have designer bathing suits. My bathing suit is Juicy Couture. Hannah's bathing suit is Michael Kors and Carly's is Burberry. We go to the lake everyone was talking about and see there is a rope on a tree hanging over the lake.

"We should swing into the lake using the rope," Carly suggests.

"Lets do it." We go in one by one. We jump on the rope and swing. Then, when the the swing is over the lake we let go and jump in. I love swimming its so much fun. We all splash each other and have fun.

"Hey Toby why don't you go on the rope. I mean you are calling Craig a baby when you haven't been on the rope yet," I say.

"I will probably break it though," Toby says thinking he can get out of it.

"No it won't. Your dad just when on and he's the oldest out of all of us," I say.

"Fine." Toby goes up to the rope and just stands there.

"What are you waiting for Toby. Are you man enough." See the reason he hasn't gone on yet is because he is afraid of heights. Since Toby was calling Craig a baby for not going on I thought he should get a little taste of his medicine.

"This isn't far you know I'm afraid of heights."

"Well then you shouldn't have called Craig a baby." Toby finally went on, but while he jumped he was screaming like a little girl. We all sat there laughing our butts off.

"Oh Toby are you okay you seemed a little scared," Carly says while laughing.

"It's not funny."

"Oh yes it is," Dani says. After we all finished swimming we went back to the campsite and got changed while our parents cooked lunch. Lunch was chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and ice cream. It was amazing.

Dani's P.O.V.

After lunch we played football (soccer). My team was James, Craig, Daddy, Mummy, Uncle Liam, Carly, Hannah, Darcy, and I. I got to pick the name and I chose the green monkey's. The other team was Hunter, Toby, Uncle Niall, Uncle Zayn, Uncle Louis, Aunt Perrie, Aunt Eleanor, Auntie Bella, and Auntie Emily. The other team had a big advantage because they are all older, but we still beat them. They called themselves the lightning bolts. After that we had the most amazing dinner. Now we are having a campfire and are making s'mores. "My marshmallow got burnt," I complained.

"If you don't want I will have it," said the always hungry Uncle Niall.

"Sweetie eat it anyways. It's better that way," daddy says.

"Don't tell her that then she won't give it to me."

"Oh stop it Niall there is plenty more marshmallows to go around."

"Mmm," I said as I bit into the perfect marshmallow.

"Ugh," Uncle Niall groaned, "She's eating it right in front of me. I'm going to die." Uncle Niall falls down in my lap dramatically then starts to tickle me.

"Stop," I say in between giggles. Uncle Niall finally stops then we all go to bed.

Author's Note

Hey it's me Hannah. I'm sorry it took so long so my co-author wrote part of this and I just finished it for her. The last part she wrote was when the 3 girls were talking about resting and the one said lets go back to the campsite. that's when I took over. She had a little bit of writers block so I finished it for her since she didn't know what to write. Love Ya!!!

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