Second Generation of One Direction

Follow the journey of One Direction's kids. You get to meet Harry's daughters, Niall's daughter, Liam's son, Zayn's daughter and sons, and meet Louis' son. You also get to meet the wonderful wives of One Direction.


5. Family Outing Day One

Liam's P.O.V.

Today the whole family is going camping for the weekend. It's going to be the Styles', the Horan's, the Payne's, the Malik's, and the Tomlinson's. I am packing for James, Bella, and I. I pack about 3 sets of clothes for all of us, a bathing suit, tooth brushes, tooth paste, and anything else we need. "Hey Bella, Darling its time to wake up and get ready to go camping."

"OK. I'm going to take a shower. Can you wake up James and get him ready for me?"

"Anything for you sweetie." I go to James' room to wake him up, "Hey James, buddy, it's time to get up and ready to go camping."

"OK daddy I'm up." I got everyone up and ready to go. Now it's time to leave.

Hannah's P.O.V.

We all meet up at Bob Evan's for breakfast and to go to the camping grounds afterwards. I sit next to Darcy and Carly. All of our dads sit next to each other. All of our mums sit next to each other. Dani, James, and Craig sit next to each other. Hunter and Toby sit next to each other. We are done eating and figuring out car plans. "I think we should drive with our families," Uncle Harry says.

"But dad Hannah, Carly, and I want to drive together," Darcy protests against Uncle Harry. 

"Ya," Carly and I chime in.

"Well then who wants to drive together?" Uncle Liam asks.

"James, Craig, and I want to drive together," Dani says.

"Toby and I want to drive together," Hunter says.

"Okay. I will take the girls," Uncle Niall says.

"I will take the little ones," Auntie Tiffany says.

"I will take the older two. So, Zayn and Perrie, and Louis and Eleanor will drive by themselves. How does that sound?" Uncle Liam says.

"That's fine. No kids for 2 hours I'm perfectly fine with that," mum says. We are in the car with Uncle Niall. He has T.V.'s connected to the heads in his car. 

"Hey Uncle Niall, Auntie Emily can you pass us the movies?" I ask. Auntie Emily passes us the movies that Carly has. Carly has Teen Beach Movie, The Hunger Games, all of the Twilight movies, Grease, Wreck-It-Ralph, Wizard of Oz, Oz: The Great and Powerful, The Smurfs, Identity Thief, Pitch Perfect, Finding Nemo, all of the Toy Story movies, Monsters Inc., and many more Disney/Pixar movies. The reason Carly has Grease is because its her dads favorite movie and she watches it with him. The reason she has so many little kid movies is because we love little kid movies.

"We should watch Pitch Perfect," Darcy says.

"Ya totally," everyone else says. We put in Pitch Perfect for on the way there. We talk and Watch the movie. We laugh at all the funny parts.

"Why are you guys sitting all the way back there?" Uncle Niall and Auntie Emily ask.

'Well mum and dad we all want to sit together in the back instead of 2 of us sitting in the middle and 1 of us sitting in the back," Carly answers. We go back to watching the movie. It's so funny. 

*2 hours later*

Craig's P.O.V.

The car ride with Uncle Harry, Auntie Tiffany, James, Dani, and I was so much fun. We listened to the radio and just talked. Uncle Harry is really funny. We just arrived at the camp grounds. We have 10 tents and 18 sleeping bags. "The adults get their own tents. Which of you kids wants to share a tent?" daddy asks.

"We want to share," Darcy, Hannah, and Carly says at the same time, then start to laugh.

"Dani, Craig, and I want to share a tent," James says.

"Hunter and I want to share a tent," Toby says.

"Okay. Darcy, Hannah, and Carly will share a tent. Danielle, Craig, and James will share a tent. Hunter and Toby will share a tent. Harry and I will share a tent. Niall and Emily will share a tent. Liam and Bella will share a tent. Zayn and Perrie will share a tent and Louis and Eleanor will share a tent," Auntie Tiffany says.

"I'm fine with that as long as Liam and I sleep next to the little ones," Aunt Bella says.

"Okay. So, there is only 2 tents left," Uncle Liam says. The rest of the night we put up our tents and have a campfire. We all sang to different songs while Uncle Niall, Dani, and Hannah play guitar. Now we are going to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Author's Note-

Hey it's Hannah. So, Chapter 1 and 2 and this one went back to normal. I edited what Mirlotta edited of chapters 3 and 4. I hope I didn't confuse any one and from here on out it will never happen again I promise. I hope you enjoy.

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