Delusional Fog

Sometimes our emotions tell the stories in our heart before we realize they are on paper. Please enjoy, connect, what ever you need to do with this poem.

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The inner challenges

Reflect on others

I wish I could erase. 


But maybe there is no point

if that is just something to focused on

while in reality

 we are trapped

Lost, and regrettably





This line that seems to drive most

Has ran out of gas

fallen short of picking me up

The ignition to my life seems burned oh so many times.


For what reason

I have yet to find

The whirlwind of disconnect 

Chase my every move

As if waiting, planning my next 


before I even set my direction



Accomplish what?

I have yet

to find

and search


All I know now,

is that I 

mixed between to many obstacles

find myself not

chaotic but



To dream away

the problems of the present 

and distant future. 

The easy rhythm of my head upon the pillow

But yet the fog finds me distracted 

between the two


How far will I climb

How long shall I wait


Theses questions 

know not the answers. 

to uncover 

the mysteries 

is part of the 





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