Darcy Styles (Harry Styles daughter)

Hi so my name is Darcy and I'm Harry Styles daughter yep I'm the Harry Styles guy from 1D daughter I don't have a mom I don't know what happened to her. I'm the miss popularity of my high school along with Katie Hoarn, Jessy Malik, Jasmine Payne,and lastly my bff Mallory Tomlinson all because were one directions daughters!! Were all only child's and all partners in crime were so we always stand up for each other. were all very pretty and Were all bad and none of us have a mom so that's about it

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2. School

As we pulled up to my school I saw my partners in crime Katie Hoarn,Jessy Malik,Jasmine Payne and my BFF Mallory Tomlinson!! Hey girls I yelled running to them "Hey Darcy" they said when I reached them "why are you so happy? Asked Mallory "Cause I pissed dad off!! I said to her "Whoa you go girl"! Said Jasmine yes Jazzy is also bad even though she's Liam Payne's daughter. Thanks jazz!! I said "so what's on today's agenda? Well I was thinking lets actually go to school for once said Katie. We all stared at her with our mouths wide open. J.......jk Katie managed to huff out she was laughing to hard to actually talk normally!! Oh thank god we thought you were serious said Jessy!!Oh heck no why would I wanna go to school I was actually thinking that we skip school and go to the mall instead. Said Katie.Much much better idea I said. So what are we waiting for to the mall!! Yelled Mallory "we all laughed and Katie,Jessy and Jasmine all ran into the back of  Mallory's pick up truck (she could of had a better car but she wanted a pick up so that's what uncle Louis bought her) while me and Mallory got into the front mal was driving and I was in the passenger seat!! Oh I hope that we don't run into any one from school  I said . That's why we're gonna call in acting like our dads and tell them were sick so we can't come to school said mal with her signature smirk! This is why your my BFF I told her!

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