Darcy Styles (Harry Styles daughter)

Hi so my name is Darcy and I'm Harry Styles daughter yep I'm the Harry Styles guy from 1D daughter I don't have a mom I don't know what happened to her. I'm the miss popularity of my high school along with Katie Hoarn, Jessy Malik, Jasmine Payne,and lastly my bff Mallory Tomlinson all because were one directions daughters!! Were all only child's and all partners in crime were so we always stand up for each other. were all very pretty and Were all bad and none of us have a mom so that's about it

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5. Run Run Run no Fun Fun Fun

1.......2.......3...... And RUN!! I yelled. We all broke our parents loose grip on us and we ran like our life depended on it well now it probably does. But we ran and ran with them hot on our heels then we took a sharp turn and lost them we ran into Victoria's Secret and hid under the check out table we gave the lady at the check out 20$ so she wouldn't say any thing. We ran there   thinking that the boys wouldn't check in here but we were wrong of course so they came in. Have you seen 5 young high school aged girls run by? Asked uncle Louis. Well what did they look like? Replied the cashier. Lady we know you have seen them were are they?? I'll tell you but it's gonna cost ya. Ok how much? $5:000. Said the cashier simply. Ok no prob here you go said Liam forking over the money. Their in this store, near the floor, in a place you won't think to look but you'll stop right by their very nook. Said the cashier. What the heck is that?? The boys said. It's your answer I never promised to give the direct answer. It's a riddle guys. said Niall. The boys wondered over that for about 5 minutes then Zayn said "I got it!!" And he lifted up the table cloth over the check out desk and there was Jessy, Mallory,Darcy,Katie and Jasmine all huddled up together. The boys each grabbed their daughter and dragged them to the limo. Well Louis and Mallory took the pick-up back to their house and the rest of us took the limo back to the recording studio so the boys could get their cars and we could head home. I love riding in the Limo normally, but our dads made us sit on their laps which was annoying. We finally got to the recording studio and dad went to get his navy blue car and I had to sit and wait then we got in the car and finally got home and I had to go upstairs and sit in the corner 

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