Darcy Styles (Harry Styles daughter)

Hi so my name is Darcy and I'm Harry Styles daughter yep I'm the Harry Styles guy from 1D daughter I don't have a mom I don't know what happened to her. I'm the miss popularity of my high school along with Katie Hoarn, Jessy Malik, Jasmine Payne,and lastly my bff Mallory Tomlinson all because were one directions daughters!! Were all only child's and all partners in crime were so we always stand up for each other. were all very pretty and Were all bad and none of us have a mom so that's about it

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Oh also KIK me at harrys_gal_me if you have questions about the story but tell me your
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7. And our culprit is....

Sooooo Ashley huh that lying backstabbing bitch. God she doesn't leave me alone does she!? I'm freakin pissed off now. We trusted her huh don't trust Barbie dolls apparently they lie......god I'm pissed. "How do we get back at her?" I sent to my buddies over text. "well I gots it!" Texted mal. "OMG WHAT" exclaimed Jessy over text of course. "Duh we start a rumor about her!!" Hey we never said that we weren't bitches too...!  OMFG MAL YOUR A FRICKEN GENIUS!!!! I typed then I hit send. "Oh!! I got it how about that she still sucks her thumb!"sends jazzy. (A/N that was actually a rumor spread about me....) "Lol h€|| yeAh!!" Plan A goes into action tomorrow I whisper to myself as I float of to my world of dreams. OMG best sleep ever freakin amazing. OH!! Our plan goes into action today, I actually have to be on time today shoot I hate being on time. Or going to school in general. Oh whatever I have a feeling were all gonna end up in the principals office today for starting something I don't even know what but I know we will end up their somehow like always,

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