More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


18. Where am I suppose to sleep?

- Harry -


After the long car ride we finally got to my house. I loved it here, the house had 3 bedrooms, a big open plan kitchen- living room and 3 bathrooms. the exterior was white and had black roof-tiles.

The garden was surrounded by a white stonewall to keep the uninvited away. in the front garden there was a small porch and in front of that there was two yellow rosebushes planted.

yellow roses was Peytons favorite flowers, and I had planted them there just because they reminded me of her. 

I pressed the little key to the front gate so that I could park my car on the patio driveway. i drove threw the gate and saw that it was closing securely behind us. Peyton had fallen asleep just outside of London because of the traffic that was about an hour ago. I parked and turned of the car before turning to her


"hey, sleeping beauty. we are here." I whispered as I leaned in and kissed her cheek. 


she stirred a bit but she didn't open her eyes.


"are you playing me?" I chuckled and pointed her arm. 

"no, I was actually asleep for real." she smiled and slowly opened her tired eyes.

"we are here, babe. time to get inside." I smiled.

"can we just get all the stuff tomorrow? I'm to tired to carry things." she whined. 

"I have to be at the studio early tomorrow morning." I told her. 

"please?" she asked.

"I could get all the bags in for you before I get to work, but I will not unpack them for you." I offered.

"my prince charming! just point me witch drawers are mine and I will unpack them myself. don't worry." she smiled. 

"so shall we go inside then?" I asked. 

"okay." she smiled again.


I got out of the car and rounded it before she had even undone her seat belt. I opened the car door for her and helped her down on the ground. she smiled tiredly and took her smallest bag from them backseat as I took my bag and we walked together up the small patio to the front door. 


"I like your house, it's cute. Yellow roses?" she smirked as she noticed the rosebushes. 

"yeah, they reminded me of you." I blushed laying my arm around her shoulders. 

"really?" she asked. 


"you must really love me." she smiled.

"yeah i do." I chuckled and unlocked the door and held it up to let her go in before me.

"well lucky for you I love you too then." She smiled and pecked my cheek before I had closed the door. 


I put my bag down next to the stairwell and walked over to the kitchen area to make some tea. as I was taking the cups down on the black counter top I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. Peyton laid her head against my back and hugged me tightly.


"cuddly are we?" I chuckled.

"yeah, can we please just cuddle?" she whispered.

"I'm just making some tea then we can watch a movie before bed." I said.

"sounds like heaven." she smiled.


I couldn't see her smile but I knew that she did. I always knew what she would do in some strange way. I guess that because of our relationship and the fact that we loved each other had something to do with that.

Peyton let out a small sigh before she let me go and walked over to the living room area and sat down on the couch reaching for the remote to turn on the TV, again I knew that because I knew her.

the kettle signaled that the water was hot and I poured it into the cups and dipped the teabags in the water before I walked over to sit next to her. I smiled and gave her one of the cups.


"Harry?" she asked.

"yeah?" I said.

"where am I suppose to sleep?" she asked.


I looked confused at her. what did she mean with that? then I hit with like a ton of bricks. she wanted to know where she was suppose to sleep! I wanted her as close to me as possible and we have shared a bed before but then again that was just e few nights then back to "normal". I didn't want her to feel like she had to share my bed or that I didn't want her in my bed so I just gave her the options to choose herself.


"Peyton, I'm not going to pressure you to do anything that you don't want to do."

"I know." she whispered and dipped her teabag into her cup a few times not looking at me.

"either you can have one of the guestrooms or you can always have one side of my bed?" I asked gently.

"yeah?" she asked.

"yeah, it's not like we haven't slept in the same bed before. but that was sleepovers, we are roommates now." I said.

"yeah." she said still not looking at me.

"what ever you want." I said.

"if it's okay with you I would like to have that other half of your bed." she said smiling but still not looking at me.


she was blushing, I saw that. I couldn't help but feel so glad that she wanted that. 


"sure, if that's what you want." I said.


I must have looked like a complete lunatic smiling so widely that my cheeks hurt and my dimples being very prominent. she finally looked up at me and she smiled just as crazy like I did.


so we cuddle up in the couch and watched the notebook before we decided that we were to tired to stay up. it was really late and I still had to get up early tomorrow. 

as we got up to my bedroom I went to my dresser and got Peyton a t shirt to wear. we both brushed our teeth next to each other watching us in the mirror over the sink. when we were done we snuggled up under the covers. 

Peyton with her ear just over my heart and her arm lazily thrown over my abs and my arms tightly wrapped around her. 


"good night sweetheart." I whispered and kissed her forehead.

"good night Haz." she said before she yawned and slowly drifted of to sleep. 


before I fell asleep too, I set the alarm on my phone and set it to charge on the nightstand. 




- Peyton -


I woke up alone. the sun was shining threw the window and I turned to keep the sun from my eyes. I opened them slowly and saw a little post it note on the pillow. 


You are so cute when you sleep!

didn't want to wake you.

the drawers with post its on are yours and 

your bags are in the hallway. 

Love you! see you tonight!


I sat up and saw how the dresser top drawers were covered with post it notes. I smiled and got up. I walked over to it and opened it slowly. it was empty and I smiled again. 

I shook my head and walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth before taking on a pair of yoga pants I had in my small bag that magically had turned up in the bedroom. I didn't remember that I had brought that up though. maybe Harry had brought it before he left. 

I didn't change out of his t shirt though, I liked the way it still smelt like him. I walked down the stairs and got into the kitchen. I was craving some coffee. on the coffeemaker there was an other post it not. 


just press start.


I looked in it and saw that it was just to press start left. I smiled at the nice gesture and started to make myself some breakfast. well the word was try. the fridge was practically empty. I groaned and closed it again. I saw my phone on the counter and grabbed it. I scrolled down to his contact and pressed the call button.


beep... beep... beep... beep...


H: "hello?"

P: "your fridge is empty." 

H: "good morning to you too." *laughing*

P: "I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat!" *growl*

H: "babe, there should be some crackers in the cabinet and then there are car keys and a house key in the bowl next to the garage door. the gate cod is on the post it under it. " *more laughing*

P: "You knew there wasn't any food?" 

H: "I have been at my mothers place for two week and we got in late last night." 

P: "fine, do you want anything special for dinner?" *sigh*

H: "whatever is fine with me. could you get some bananas though?" 

P: "sure, talk to you later then. thanks for the post its"

H: "your welcome. Love you." *sing song voice*

P: "Love you too." *sing song voice back*


I hung up and poured the coffee into a cup before looking for the crackers Harry was talking about. I found them and stuffed one in right away. they were good, not the best ones I have had but they would have to do. I brought the cup and another cracker before getting back up to change into something more presentable before getting to the store. 

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