More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


4. Waiting for her


As soon as I left the bag in my room and hugged my mom, I walked over to her house, I had promised that I wouldn't call or text her until after the test and technically i haven't  broken my promise, I didn't even text her and said that I was already at home.

I had parked my range rover behind her old pickup when i got home a while ago. I knew she'd like to get some more studying done so I figured I could drive her to school so she wouldn't have to take the bus.
I went up to the door and met her dad that was going to work.


"Harry, you're home? She's upstairs, just go inside." he said, waving behind him when he went up to his white Audi that looked very new when compared to Peytons old pickup.
"Goodbye Mr. Hale." I said, and then went in and snuck up the stairs before Mrs. Hale would stop me and demand to hear all about London and my latest adventures that she calls them.


I heard Peyton move around with things inside the bathroom so I sat down on her bed and waited for her to be ready. What my eyes then met when she stepped out of the bathroom, I felt that it was becoming difficult to breathe.

She was.. my best friend was practicly naked and I couldn't stop looking at her.

"Hello!" I said and smiled as I tried to look unaffected as if I hadn't seen that she only had underwear on her.
"Harry! Damn it!" she screamed and tried to cover herself.
"Oh shit, sorry Peyton." I exclaimed to say something but I still couldn't look away, my eyes were stuck on her slender waist and how brown her skin was against the black lace.

I could feel my pants slightly becoming tighter and I hoped to god she didn't notice that. I don't know why I continued to stare, she was one of my best friends? 


Look away Harry! Look away!


"Harry!" she exclaimed, and I winced and covered my hands in front of my eyes and stopped looking at her.
"I'm sorry Peyton!" I said and could not stop laughing even though I tried, her facial expression was one of the funniest I've seen, how she looked so angry, frustrated and happy at the same time.
"Whatever." she sighed and went into the closet to get dressed.


I continued to hide my face in my hands but could not stop thinking about how she looked in that beautiful lace. Finally, she came out again and was wearing jeans and a jacket and a simple t shirt under it.

"You can look now. What are you doing here anyway?" she asked as she walked over to the mirror while I took down my hands.
"I wanted to surprise you, I guess maybe I should have knocked first." I said and shrugged.
"Yes it was a surprise and yeah you could have knocked." she said as she began to braid the bangs into a long braid.
"Since When did you start using lace?" I grinned and stood up, I couldn't help myself from asking.
"Since When did you need to know what I use for underwear?" She asked as she turned to me.
"Touche!" I laughed.

"I need to go now, the bus is here soon." She sighed.
"I can give you a ride." I offered, holding up the car key.
"I actually own a car." She laughed.
"Come on Peyton: you can study along the way if I drive." I said and she knew I had a point in that, that's why she was taking the bus in the first place, in knew her so well.

She sighed and nodded at me. she took the bag that was on the floor with the books in and sunglasses that was lying on the dresser and then she gestured for me to go ahead of her down the stairs.


"I'm leaving now, bye!" she cried when we were in the hallway and when we had almost passed the front door, her mom came out into the hallway.
"Peyton, you have not eaten yet? Oh hello Harry." Mrs. Hale said and wiped the glass with the towel she had in her hand.
"Hi Mrs. Hale, I'm buying the breakfast today." I said and smiled one of my most charming smiles, just the thing that i knew that her mother was so weak of.
"Okay, for this time. Nice to see you Harry." her mom smiled and went back to the kitchen.
"Bye Mrs. Hale." I grinned and opened the front door to let her out.
"You're still bad I see." she said and walked up to my car as I locked up with a click when we arrived to it.
"But you love me anyway!" I laughed.
"You just get away with that because you're my best friend." she grinned and jumped into the car, I saw this new side of her, the sexy and flirty side.

We have always been doing this with each other why was it so different now, I tried to stay with the playful tone and struck my hand against my chest just above the heart and pretended to play hurt by her words.


"Are you trying to hurt me?" In said.
"Harold!" She muttered and looked at me.


I don't really like it when people call me Harold, even though it's part of my name, but when Peyton said it now, it gave me shivers down my back. I found myself wondering how her voice sounded when she screamed out of pleasure.

But I fast tried to shake that thought out of my head. 


she is my best friend for crying out loud! you don't think that of your friends!


I tried to laugh off the whole thing and started the car. I picked up a pair of black sunglasses and started humming Whats make you beautifull.

It was just another song that was cut out for her, didn't she know how beautiful she was? I shook my head and tried concentrate on the car instead. she was trying to study a bit but I could see that she wasn't concentrated at all, I knew her better than she thinks.


"When are you done?" I asked and turned at a 7 eleven.
"The test starts 8:30 and then it's over at one o'clock." she said, looking up from the book.
"I can pick you up when you're done so we can go out for lunch?" I asked, and parked the car in front of the store.
"Okay, but you really don't .." she began but I cut her off.
"I haven't seen my best friend for several months and I Want to spoil her a little bit! What is the wrong in that?" I asked and took the key out of the ignition.
"No, I suppose, I just want to clarify that you don't have to." she said and tried to smile, i knew she was a bit uncomfortable with me buying her stuff but i didn't care, she deserves to get spoiled, especialy When her parents doesn't do that.
"I already know I don't have to, Peyton." I grinned and opened the door and stepped out.


We ordered coffees and a bagels, I paid and we sat down at a small table in a corner. it was to long time since I met her last that i almost forgot how she actually looked like. Her long blond hair that reached down to her waist was wavy, her curves in the right places, witch I had seen this morning, her freckles and that very cute dimple in her right cheek.

Her eyes lifted and got stuck on something behind me, I turned around to see what it was and saw some girls giggled and waved at us. I waved back at them and winked before i turned back to aim all my attention back to Peyton.

I could see in the window's reflection that the girls making faces and looked down on Peyton and I really wanted to go up to them and tell them to behave like people. but then I looked at Peyton and she shook her head and looked down at her watch.


"Come on, Harry, I need to get to school." she sighed and took the last sip of the coffee before she stood up and started walking towards the exit.

I stood up and followed her out and the rest of the way to school, we were silent, what was there to say?

- - -

I left her at the school gate and then went and sat on a bench in the park which was right next to the school. I picked up the phone and dialed Louis number, he if anyone could help me with these strange feelings storming inside me. he was the only one except Peyton that knew me best.

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