More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


23. The end yet our begining

- Harry -


If I had only knew how much support we were going to get from everyone including the fans I would probably had made it even more official sooner. 

Even after the photo of Peyton of her making me dinner no one really thought that she was my girl. now a countless number of interviews later were I had told everyone with the biggest smile that she in fact was my girlfriend now for real and that we were happy I guess the fans are coming around. I looked over at Peyton that was sitting in the couch backstage playing with Lux. 

Peyton laughed at something and  Lux clapped her hands laughing too. Lou came and got her, the other boys were probably done in hair and makeup by now.

I smiled and leaned against the door frame and looked at my girl. 


"can you never stop looking at me like that?" she asked and crocked her head meeting my eyes.

"looking at you like what?" I asked smiling.

"like I'm your entire world?" she smirked and came up to me. 


I laid my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me.


"babe, you are my entire world. You and music, that's all I ever need." I told her.

"well, lucky for you I'm just as into you that you are to me then." she smiled. 

"oh really? didn't think you loved me that much." I smirked and pulled a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I do love you that much, I just don't tell you enough." she smiled.

"I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I don't know what i would do without you?" I shook my head and kissed her forehead and hugged her.

"Dito." she said simply and I knew she thought she was the lucky one.


she hugged me back tightly and sighed in contently. she was the love of my life, I would never have thought that I would find her so close. I would never have thought I would have found her in the house next-door to mine. 

In a way it was so cliche that I had fallen for the girl next door that had just happened to be my best friend  but I was glad that it turned out to be her. that the love we shared was something that had come out of friendship and was bound to last for a really long time. 

Peyton saw me as me, Harry, not as Harry Styles from One Direction. 

I pulled away for a second and looked into her eyes. they were just liked they always had looked like, and they looked at me with all this love and passion. 

And we were the lucky ones, most of the time people don't fine their sole mates. but we did. 

We found the person that we were meant t be with for the rest of our lives and now we had so many years and so many things we could do together and we would never feel alone. 

Because this was meant to be.



- Peyton -

A few minutes after our little talk Paul walked in and told us that it was just time for the boys to get on stage. the boys made their stupid pre-concert routine and Harry blew me a kiss before heading of to stage with the others. 


Me, Eleanor, Gemma was standing next to the stage watching the boys be themselves up there. the laughed, singed and made fun of each other just liked they usually do. then it was time for the second twitter question round, this concert was a bit different from the others but I don't think that any of the fans would ever complain about that. 

I watched the boys as they got back to the main stage before starting all the questions. after a few light ones the single question popped up again on the big screen. 


 '@Mali_1D_love: - witch one of you are single?'


I sighed and looked up at the boys. I never really got why they didn't get that we were together now, maybe because we always had denied it in the past but still it was really enjoying.


Niall and Liam were the ones that raised there hands and the crowds cheered and I could see that a few of them even cried. 

then I looked back at the boys, Liam looked a bit reserved and torn up about it as he met my eyes and shook his head in a no. this wasn't the time to talk to him about it.


"Can I just say something?" Harry said into his microphone.


the crowds cheered again and then when Harry made a shushing sound they all went quiet.


"I don't know if you have met my girl Peyton yet. Could I get some help on getting her up on stage?" he then said.


I felt a small panic grow on me when a lot of teenage girls started looking at me and then started to chant my name. I was a bit overwhelmed by all of this but as soon as I saw Harry looking at me they were all gone.

All there was was me and him. I gave him a smile before letting myself be escorted to the stage to get up on it. I walked up to Harry and the other boys had huge smiles on their faces.

they were up to something and I never really liked Harry's surprises. I looked at him and all he did was smile. that wide smile he always had when he was happy. 


"Peyton, I have known you for a terribly long time now. I know you better than you know yourself and you know me just as good too. I have always known that you were special to me, I just never knew how much until that day when I went home to surprise you." he said and took my hands.


I knew exactly what day he was talking about, it was morning of my test and he accidentally saw me in my underwear for the first time, because he didn't knock or tell me he was there before I walked back into my room.


"we never really talked about it and we just kind of happened but what I am trying to say or ask is: Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked and the crowds awed.


I looked at him and the hole arena was dead silent now in waiting for my response. he was right, we just became a couple a few moths ago but we didn't really have the hole asking part, he just said that I was his girlfriend and I didn't really want to point out that I wasn't asked because I wanted to be his so bad.


"yes." I whispered smiling.

"then I have a gift for you." he said and fished out a small little blue box from his front pocket. 

"what is that?" I asked looking at him.

"this is just a promise that I will always be by you side and I will always love you and that one day I will give you a bigger one that has a bigger commitment attached to it." he said.


he opened the box and inside of it was a small promise-ring, it was simple and matched with the earrings he had gotten me for my graduation. I didn't really know what to say, I was speechless. I shook my head in a yes to answer his silent question to always be his and reached up on my toes to kiss him lightly on his lips. 

And as soon as our lips touched the hole arena burst into a loud cheer and Harry just took me in his arms and dragged me closer to him.

I was so happy right now, I was his girlfriend before this but now it was even more real now than it had ever been before. 

Some people would say that we had always been more than just friends and that we probably were just scared to tell each other sooner but then again we had our own story. we made our own destiny and we would never have it any other way

We were more than this, we were us and that was enough for us to last a life time just like our Love.


- The End -

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