More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


13. Prom

- Peyton -


the day of the prom.

prom is suppose to be something big, something that you always will remember, even after you graduate. It's like a ritual that every teenager have to go through. 

my prom was going to be remembered even if I just walked into the decorated gym. I had the most beautiful dress, I was being escorted by my best friend and I had had the best last couple of days with my boyfriend.

that word, Boyfriend. I had never used that word with 'Me and my' or 'and I' before. the fact that a word, a label could make me this happy. Harry and I had talked a lot these last couple of days, we had gotten to know each other a lot more since the hole first kiss thing. 

from the outside looking in, we were still Harry and Peyton, we did all things that best friends do and act no different from before. 

but when it was just me and him, we are just us, the new us. cuddling and sleepovers had a hole new meaning for us. we hadn't gone all the way yet, none of us was ready for that. but we were totally good at this couple thing.

we were mostly over at Harry's house. my parents still argued a lot and  because of that Anne knew about us we didn't need to hide there. Anne's house was our sanctuary for now. 


I was in my room, still in my underwear doing my makeup. my hair was in a messy bun with ringlets falling down around my face. I was applying the last of the mascara over my smokey eye. yesterday my mother had taken me to do my nails, they were in a classic french manicure and I was really liking the girly feeling that they gave me. I applied a light pink lipstick and looked at myself in the mirror standing up. 

for once I liked the way I looked, I didn't see the small light stretchmarks on my hips or all the other things that I thought was making me ugly. I felt as beautiful as Harry had kept telling me these last couple of days. He had said it so many times lately that I actually was starting to believe him. 

I walked out to my bedroom and stopped as it was once again someone sitting on my bed. 

It was Harry, he was wearing a black tailored suit and a black skinny tie with a white flower on the jackets chest. in his hands he had a corsage, it was also white and matched his flower. I believed it was a white rose.


"You are so beautiful, you know that?" Harry whispered. 

"Harry, what are you doing here?" I gasped laying my hand over my heart trying to make it slow down.

"I was just waiting for you." he smiled.

"I'm not ready yet, why are you up here? isn't my dad suppose to make sure you stay downstairs like normal prom dads?" I asked setting my hands on my hips no longer insecure in front of him. 

"yeah, if he wasn't drinking and locked inside his study. It was your mom that opened the door." he sighed.

"and she let you go upstairs?" I asked surprised. 

"yeah, something was really of, she had been crying. your mom never cries." He said. 

"I know." I sighed and walked over to the dress to take it on.


I had just taking it of the rack and opened the zipper in the back when I felt two slightly cold hands on my hips. 


"do you really have to get dressed?" he whispered in my ear.

"Yeah, I really want to go to this prom." I chuckled but leaned against his suit covered chest. 

"fine." He sighed.

"will you help me zip it up?" I asked as I took a step away to take the dress on. 

"sure babe." he smiled.


I got into the dress and  turned my back to Harry so he could zip up the zipper. He smirked and slowly begun to zip it up. his fingers lightly brushed my skin, it gave me goosebumps.

after a few seconds I felt his lips gently touch my neck, a light kiss just below my ear. I leaned my head so that he would have more access. Harry snaked his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. I leaned against his chest once more laying my head on his shoulder and looking up into his eyes. I cupped his cheek and made him look into my eyes.


"we are going to be late." I said smiling at him.

"I don't care, I'm kissing my girlfriend." he said and pecked my lips. 

"Harry, my parents.." I sighed.

"just one more?" He whined.

"just one more." I smiled and turned around in his arms to face him.


we both leaned in and started kissing. my door was closed and my parents wasn't here. a few minutes later I pulled back and leaned my forehead against his. 


"we really should be going now." I giggled.

"yeah, get ready then. You are so slow!" Harry joked. 

"You are the one that have been distracting me!" I exclaimed and walked over to my dresser putting the earrings and the bracelets on.

"don't blame this on me." Harry smirked and held his hands up in defense.

"you are not that innocent, remember I know you're bad."  I said.

"want me to show you how bad?" he smirked and winked.

"Shut up Styles. I can still kick your as." I hissed.

"that was just one time and I was sick." he exclaimed.

"yeah, if that makes you get through the day." I smirk.

"you are just mean now." he pouts.

"but you love me anyway." I smile.

"yeah, I do." Harry smiled.


I smiled back. this was the perfect start of the night.


- - - 


we finally arrived at the schools gym, it was decorated with tons of fabrics on the walls and a million paper stars hanging from the sealing. it even hung twinkling lights over the ribb-bars on one side of the gym. on the opposite side by the bleachers there were some tables with beautiful centerpieces in the middle. in the far end there was a stage and right in front of it there where a lot of teenagers dancing to the music that was blasting through the speakers. 


"so, are we going do dance or what?" Harry asked and held out his hand.

"yeah, you bet." I said taking it. 


we danced for a while. I hadn't had this much fun in forever. there were a lot of my senior classmates that was staring at us. I figured it was because of the fact that my prom date was Harry Styles but when the guys started to whistle and send me looks I blushed and smiled to myself.


Did they actually think that I looked good?


after a few up tempo songs the DJ lowered the music and started talking.


"welcome to prom graduates! hope you are having fun. this song is to all you couples out there." He said and then he changed the music.


I smiled and when I heard the first accords my smile got wider. It was Little things with One Direction.

that was maybe one of my favorite songs ever. not because Harry was singing it but because the of the message they were trying to send. that everyone is perfect just the way they are and that every single one of those who are listening is beautiful.

as it was time for Harry's solo I pulled back and looked up onto his face. he was smiling and then he sang with the lyrics never letting his eyes leave mine. 

We had this private moment at my prom, If harry hadn't offered to go with me I had probably hadn't gone. I was so glad that he had insisted that I should go. this night was one of the best of my life. 

the song ended and the DJ put some more uptempo song on again.


"want something to drink?" Harry shouted to me over the loud music.

"yes please." I shouted back.


Harry took my hand and led me to the refreshment-table. he took a two plastic cups with punch in and gave me one of them. It tasted like strawberries and alcohol. I wasn't a big fan of alcohol but it tasted okay. I frowned and looked at Harry. 


"It doesn't taste like soda." I said.

"I know, but its okay." he smirked.

"Styles, are you trying to get me drunk?" I asked 

"no?" he still smirked.

"good, you don't need that you know." I smirked back and laughed at the expression he got when I said that, if he had had the drink in his mouth he most definitely would have spitted it out on me.

"need that for what?" he asked.

"to get me into bed, I'm all yours remember?" I said. 


I felt really brave saying that, it must be the alcohol talking. Because in my sober state I would never ever say something like that. but the thing is I didn't regret saying it. I liked the confidence the drink had given me. 

I wouldn't have another one but the giggling feeling in my stomach and the light headed feeling in my head was working right now. I wasn't the shy me anymore, I was a confident strong young woman that knew what she wanted and right now it's Harry.


" what did you just say?" Harry asked blinking his big green eyes at me.

"didn't you hear me?" I asked and smirked.

"you're drunk." he stammered.

"I'm affected but not drunk." I told him.


That was the truth, one drink and I wasn't drunk of my head. I have had drinks before. 


"You don't know what you are saying." He continued stammering.

"Harold, I had one drink. I know exactly what I'm saying." I stated.

"why did you say it here? anyone can hear and all I want to do right now is to kiss you." he groaned. 

"well maybe that was the plan." I flirted and smiled.

"where did all the flirting thing come from? I didn't think.." he looked surprised.

"well, after studding my best friend from time to time I think I might have snapped up a thing or two." I giggled and laid my hand on his chest.

"yeah? you are really playing with fire right now." he whispered in my ear as he closed the gap between us. 


to anybody else it would look like  we had a private conversation over the loud music. He laid his hand over mine and caressed the top of it with his thumb. 


"yeah." I breath.

"want to get some air?" he asked.

"yeah." I said.

"come on then." he said and grabbed my hand leading me to the outside of the gym. 


the stars where shining and so was the moon. it was a really romantic picture out here. we were walking hand in hand round the corner of the building and as we got out of sight Harry pressed me up to the wall.


"Is this your way of getting some air?" I giggled as he kissed my neck.

"yeah? is that a problem?" he smirked.

"no, not at all." I smiled and tugged on his hair making him pull back before I crashed my lips onto his.


the music was still loud and we could hear it all the way over to where we were standing. the DJ started to play another One Direction song and Harry pulled back looking into my eyes.

we both started laughing and decided that it was time to get back inside. Harry had his hand at my lower back when he escorted me back into the gym. 

I turned to Harry and made a eating sign by my lips to ask him if we should get something to eat. he nodded and we walked up to the buffet table grabbing each a plate. it was a lot of food to chose from, Niall would be in heaven.

there where some potato-salad, some regular salad  roast beef,  ham, 13 sorts of fruits - like pineapple, papaya, strawberries and kiwi and bread and other bowl of punch. 

we found a table with some seats and then sat down to eat. 

the night was perfect this far. then I started to think about the hole me-and-Harry thing. 


"Harry, does this count as a first date?" I asked.


he almost choked on a peace of pineapple when I said that, he took a sip from his cup and looked at me.


"I mean, you did pick me up and you gave me the corsage thing and you're taking me home later, is this a date?" I said.

"what happened to dinner and a movie? the old classic first date?" he asked.

"we have dinner and watch movies all the time." I told him.


"so is this our first official date?" I asked again.

"well it is special, and we will remember it. do you want it to be?" he asked.

"I asked you first." I said.

"yeah, I would love that." he smiled.

"then happy first date babe." I said and raised my glass towards him.

"happy first date." He said and bumped his glass lightly into mine before we both took a sip.

"since this is our first official date, can I kiss you in public now?" he asked.

"yeah, on the cheek." I smirked not letting him out us quite yet.


Harry leaned in and kissed my cheek but lingered on a few more seconds then was normal for a kiss on the cheek.

I took his hand and leaned in and kissed his other cheek and mimicked the gesture that he had done just e few seconds before me.


we smiled as we pulled a part and looked at each other. this thing that was building up between us was breathtaking. I didn't know that it was possible to love an other person this much after so short time. maybe it was because we had know each other for so long that made this feel so right. I smiled again and squeezed his hand. 

it was nearly the end of prom and the principal was walking up on stage to announce the prom court and the king and queen. the music stopped and the principal started talking. 

he had this long speech on how proud he was over all the seniors and then he finally announced them and everybody cheered and the music got back on. this time a slow song that the king and queen was dancing to. 


we decided to go home short after that. the night had been as perfect as it could be. Harry had rented a limousine for the night and as we turned  into our street I felt so pleased on how the night had turned out.

Harry got out of the car and held his hand to help me out of the backseat. he walked me up to my front door. I was staying at my place tonight due to the fact that tomorrow was my graduation and I had to get up early to get ready. 


"I had a really nice night, thank you." I said.

"I told you that you would have fun." he smirked.

"yeah you did." I smiled.

"I did." 

"will you just kiss me already?" I asked and pulled him closer with the tie.

"do you really want me to?" he smirked.

"yeah." I said.


Harry leaned in and kissed my lips softly. it wasn't like the other kisses we had had today, no this one was so much more. it was sweet and tender and loving. we had so much emotion in this kiss. I knew already that I loved him and for some reason I just felt that he loved me too. I sighed and stepped closer to deepen the kiss. I bit his bottom lip gently and tugged it a bit before I stepped back and gave us both some space. 


"I love you." I breathed out and kept looking into his eyes. 


they had a dark green shimmer to them and I could have sworn that they started to water a bit too. 


"And I love you." Harry said and smiled widely at me.


my eyes watered as I smiled back at him. we had just said our first 'I-love-you's and it was a perfect moment. sure we had said that to each other before but never to mean them this literary before.

It was the perfect ending to the perfect night.  



- Harry -

She said she loved me! she said she loved me! 


I wanted to scream and shout and jump up and down to express my feelings right now but I didn't. My eyes were tearing up, I was such a softy. she was looking into my eyes.

I was so happy at this moment, the hole night had literary been perfect and she was so beautiful. I was so in love with her. 


"And I love you." I said to her and smiled widely. 


this was more then the perfect ending that I had hoped for tonight.






so, the chapter is done.. I really struggled with it.. sorry if it's not that good. 

tell me what ya really think of it!

// Sarah

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