More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


19. Letting them know?

- Peyton -


I had taken a shower and put some clothes on. I was wearing a pair och light blue skinny jeans and one of Harry's t shirts, the one with Hipsta please. printed over the chest to be exact. I had brought the black blazer and to that I had my black flats. around my neck I had the paper plane necklace and the infinity-ring was on of course. I smiled and put the earrings on, they where paper planes that matched the necklace actually. Harry had thought he was funny when he gave me those for my birthday last year. I didn't put any makeup on and threw my hair up into a messy bun.

I took my bag and my phone and walked down to the garage to take the car out. Harry had taken one of his smaller cars so I was planning on taking the range rover. I liked that car, I made a mental note to tell my dad that I was maybe thinking of wanting one.

I had grabbed the keys and the post it with the code and was finally getting into the car. 

I pressed the garage door key and the door went open. I drove out and the door shut again. I then made sure not to drive into anything while I was backing out of the gate onto the street. I knew that it was a store not long from here. the gate closed and I put the gear in drive and drove down the street. 

I think I drove for nearly 10 minutes before I finally got to the store. I turned into the parking lot and parked near the entrance before getting out locking the car behind me as I went up to the front door. I took a cart and started to go around through the aisles. I took some different items and put them into the cart.  I fetched the bananas that Harry wanted and some other stuff before I got to the check out counter. the cart was full of items, things to barbecue  pasta, rise, sausage, fruits and vegetables and some chips and candy.

I started to get the items up on the counter and smiled to the girl sitting behind the register. I saw her name tag and it said Gretchen. she smiled back.

I got all the items out of my cart and at the end of the counter it was a young boy putting them into bags. 


"that's all?" the girl asked.

"yeah." I smiled again. 

"that would be 28.80, please." she said.

"okay, here you go." I said giving her the amount she asked for. 

"hey aren't you that girl that always around Harry Styles?" she asked looking like she recognized me from somewhere. 

"yeah, I know him, I'm Peyton." I smiled.

"I knew I had seen you somewhere. You know that you are all over the papers today?" she asked.

"no I didn't, can I get one of those?" I asked. 

"yeah, here. 1 pound." she smiled


I gave her the money and put the magazine in my bag and gave the boy a smile before I took two of the bags and the led him out to the car. I opened the trunk and set the bags there so did the boy.


"thanks." I smiled.

"just doing my job m'am." he smiled back before he walked back to the store. 


I shut the trunk and walked around the car and jumped in behind the wheel. I took the magazine out of the bag and opened it. I flipped through the pages until one article catches my eye. It was a big picture of me and Harry when we just got out of the car yesterday. how did they get that one? the second one was of me kissing his cheek before the door closed. I was so stupid. 

being in London wasn't anything like being back in Holmes Chapel. I sighed and threw the magazine onto the passenger seat and the bag to before starting the car. I didn't need to read the article, I didn't need to see what crap they probably 

I drove home, and got the gate opened, parked the car on the driveway and started to get all the bags into the house. as I went to get the last bags I remembered the magazine and took it before locking the car and went into the house. 

I put all the groceries into the cabinets and the fridge. I then made a cup of tea and started to think about what to make for dinner. I looked over to the kitchen counter where the magazine laid.

I had to admit that I was curious about what the article said. I sighed and took the magazine and my cup and walked over to the couch and sat down. I again flipped threw the pages and got to the page with the article.  I sighed and took a sip from the cup before putting it on the coffee table.


The newest girl for Styles?

Sorry all Harry Girls, seems that Mr Styles has found himself a new roommate. spotted last night coming home after a stay at his mother house, well Styles wasn't alone. no with him was his long term "friend" Peyton Hale. The pair looked very in love when they got to Harry's house. 

when entering the house they shared a kiss, they do look cute together right? so for all you directioners out there the youngest 1 D member seems to have gotten himself a girlfriend. 

Miss Hale just graduated from high school and her prom date was none other than Mr Styles himself. some classmates of miss Hale said that they looked really good together and that they looked "so in love" on the night. 

the Hales and Harry, his sister and mother and of course his stepfather has been living on the same street for a very long time. they were also attending miss Hales graduation this weekend.

Is this an other Friends gone Lovers story? Only time will tell and we are still waiting for the couple to either deny or confirm the rumors of them dating.

It seems that she will be staying with her friend for a while though since Harry was spotted carrying in a lot of bags this morning before leaving for the studio. 

wonder what management or the boys will say about that?.


I sighed and shook my head, this wasn't that bad right? It could have been worse. 

I got up from the couch, looked at the watch and decided to start making some dinner. 

I wasn't that good with cooking but I could get by. I decided on some pasta and some pasta- sauce. as I was chopping the salad the door opened and closed in the hallway.


"Honey, I'm home." Harry shouted with a singsong voice with a hint of irony and gave me a huge smile as he walked into the kitchen.

"hey Harry." I smiled back and turned my head to give him a kiss.

"very domestic of you cooking dinner till I get home." He laughed.

"it's not like I had something else to do." I said.

"yeah, right." he said snaking his arms around my waist. 

"we were in the paper today." I told him.

"yeah?" he asked.

"yeah, the magazine is on the coffee table." I told him and kissed his cheek before turning to check the pots on the stove.

"what did it say?" he asked.

"read it." I said simply, giving him an impression of it being something bad.


Harry frowned and walked over to the magazine and started to read. after a while he started to smile. 


"really bad isn't it?" I laughed. 

"no, it could have been a lot worse you know." he said. 

"yeah I know." I said turning of the stove and taking the pots of the heat. 

"they could have dug up a lot worse things, like the time we crashed your dad's car?" he smirked leaning over the counter. 

"I had just gotten my licence and you were distracting me, I wasn't aloud to drive for a hole month after that thank you very much." I exclaimed.

"yeah if that gets you through the night babe." he smiled.

"what ever. Dinner is ready." I sighed.


we sat down at the kitchen table and laid the food on our plates. 


"I been thinking a lot about us today and I'm going to take a picture, ready to confirm our relationship?" he smirked as he took out his phone.

"just by taking a picture? what about us telling the boys first?" I asked.

"just wait and watch your notifications and I'll deal with that later." he said.


I peaked my tongue at him as I was stirring my fork in my food. he smiled got wider when he got the picture. he was being sneaky about it and not long after he had put his phone down next to him I got a notification from twitter.


@Harry_Styles My girl just made me dinner, isn't she lovely? <3


I looked a bit childish, my tongue was out and my hair was a bit messy but I looked good in his shirt. our plates were looking very eatable and it had steam coming from it. I laughed and pressed the answer button to write an reply. 


@Peyton_H @Harry_Styles Hope you like it babe! ;) <3 


Harry got his phone opened again watching all the notifications making his phone buzz repeatedly. he smiled widely making a quick reply.


@Harry_Styles @Peyton_H I have always liked your cooking babe! ;) <3


I grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss on the cheek before starting to eat. we ate under silence and we helped each other with the dishes. we had just settled into the couch when Harry's phone started to buzz, but this time someone called him.


"it's Louis." he smiled. 

"well they are probably pissed that you spent the hole day with them not telling them before the rest of the world." I smiled leaning my head on his shoulder. 

"yeah, probably. but I did gave them a few hints, it's not my fault they didn't get them." he chuckled. 

"just talk to him, talk to them." I sighed.

"fine." he said.


Harry watched the phone a few more seconds before he pressed the green button and held it up to his ear. he didn't need to put the call on speaker, I could hear Louis's voice loud and clear.


"So you finally told her?!" He screamed sounding very exited.






hey everyone! just me. 

I'm just letting you know that it's not going to be that many more chapters. what are your thoughts about that? sequel? no sequel? tell me!

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