More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


7. Lazy Saturday

- Peyton -

I was sitting on my bed flicking threw the channels of my TV  there was nothing good on. I sighed and walked up to my window sitting down in it. it was a beautiful morning, even though the clouds where starting to assemble into a storm that probably would break out tonight.

I hadn't talked to Harry for almost 23 hours and 49 minutes. this was one of the longest times that we actually haven't talked. 

Damn me for being so stubborn. I sighed again and walked into my closet. I only had an old tshirt on that was actually one of Harry's old ones. I picked out a white tank top and then took down the blue one-piece that Harry had bought me a few years back as a joke. the joke was that it was his hand prints on it. Harry was never really that funny but I liked it just because it reminded me of him. 

I put it on and walked down to the kitchen to get something to eat. I wasn't planning on doing anything today, I was going to watch old movies and be by myself all day. 

as I walked inside the kitchen I realized how quiet it was, mom and dad usually sat by the kitchen table doing puzzles or suduco or whatever they used to do on Saturdays. but the kitchen was empty and on the counter was a note. 



Dad is working and extra shift,

I'm visiting my sister for the weekend 

there's extra food in the freezer and

money for pizza next to the coffeemaker 

Don't forget to by the dress for prom.



I sighed when I realized that I had to buy the dress today or latest tomorrow. I wasn't the girl to wear a dress, I was more a t shirt and jeans kind of girl. I knew I needed help and Harry was suppose to come with me but we still wasn't talking.

I fished up my phone to send a new message, but I didn't send one to Harry though, maybe later.


To: Tommo ^^ 

hey, I need dress advice, were do I even start? x


I waited a few minutes making a cup of tea in the meantime.


From: Tommo ^^

I thought you would never ask! you need a color? have you desided on one? I think you should get a dark green or maybe black. ;) x


I smiled reading the text and quickly replied.


To: Tommo ^^

no, I guess green I fine. that goes nice with silver right? my mom wants me to have her old shoes she wore to her prom, they are pretty nice actually :) x

From: Tommo ^^

yeah, go for only silver details then, earrings braclet and a cluch. :) x

To: Tommo ^^

How do you even know all this stuff? ;) x

From: Tommo ^^

I have a lot of sisters and I'm the best! ^^ x

To: Tommo ^^

Thanks, you have your moments. ^^ x

From: Tommo ^^


To: Tommo ^^

you know I love you anyway, I need to get some shopping done. talk to you later. x

From: Tommo ^^

yeah yeah, love you to Peyton. :) x


I drank my tea and then decided to get down to the dress shop to get this over and done with. I didn't bother to change my outfit, I was going to try on a lot of dresses and for that I didn't need any "cool" outfit.

I didn't care that I probably looked like a big baby, I just wasn't in the mood to be social anyway so people could think what they wanted. but honestly I didn't care.

I put my hair into messy bun and ran upstairs to get the shoes that mom told me she wanted me to wear and got the sunglasses, wallet and the keys to my pickup before I went back down again. 

It felt weird knowing that Harry was home but that I couldn't talk to him. Well I could talk to him if I quit being so stubborn. I sighed and and closed the door behind me and got into my car before I fished up my phone again and entered new messages and started writing.


To: Hazza

I'm sorry :( x


I pressed send and waited a couple of minutes. I knew that this was on me, I was the one that had to apologize, this hole argument that didn't even need to be an argument was my fault. I sighed again and jumped a bit when my phone vibrated in my hand. I opened the new message.


From: Hazza

I'm sorry too, wanna hang out? x

To: Hazza

sure, help me find a dress? x

From: Hazza

yeah, I'll do anything but to stair on my walls. x

To: Hazza 

I'm in my car, get your pretty ass out here or I'll go without you. ;) x


Why did I type that? the only thing is I realized what I wrote the second that I had sent it. I nervously waited for the reply but nothing came. 

suddenly someone tapped the passenger window and Harry stepped inside of the car. 


"Hi." he said smiling.

"hey, that was fast." I smiled back.

"I had nothing better to do, and you said to hurry my pretty ass or you would go without me." he smirked.


shit I knew it, he was not letting this one go. 


I started the car and drove of, it took about 15 minutes to get to the shop and the silence in the car wasn't that bad. I think we are good, at least I hoped so. I parked in front of the shop and got out.


"what are you wearing?" Harry asked and chuckled.

"shut up, you got me this remember?" I snapped.

"yeah, but why are you wearing it outside? it was meant to be a joke." he said.

"I wasn't in the mood to dress up, and besides I like it." I said and walked inside the shop with Harry close behind. 

"okay then." he said.


I looked around and didn't really know where to start. I walked up to the counter and pressed the little bell to get the attention from the shop owner.


"can I help you?" A very dark haired woman said as she walked out on the floor to help us.

"I'm going to prom, my friend told me to get either a dark green or black dress." I told the woman and then held up the shoes. "they are suppose to go with these." 


the silver shoes had a high heel and covered the toes  and had a small rem making sure that the shoes would stay on the foot. 

she smiled and waved over to the dressing rooms telling me to go there. 


"your boyfriend and I can pick some out for you." she smiled.

"he's not my.." I started but got cut of by Harry.

"just get into the dressing room!" He said and pushed me in the direction of the stalls and then walked the other way to get some dresses for me to try on.


I tried on so many dresses, old looking one, very short ones and very long ones. but no one felt like it was the perfect dress.

"what if you get something totally different?" Harry asked outside of the dressing rooms .

"Louis told me that.. " I started and for the second time that day Harry interrupted me.

"yeah, screw him, I have found the perfect dress!" He said and handed me the dress on the rack.


It didn't look that special on the rack though. It had a white skirt and the top had black lace over the white fabric. It looked okay. I stepped into it and I felt how the fabric hugged my curves perfectly. I looked into the mirror and gasped, it was the perfect one, Harry was right it was perfect. 

I stepped out of the stall and looked at the woman that I now knew was named Gillian and Harry. 


"zipp me up will ya?" I asked and turned my back towards Harry that was standing the closest. 

"I.. I.. yeah sure." he stammered and zipped up the zipper on the back.

"that one is perfect, It doesn't go with the shoes though." Gillian said. 

"get some black heels and a clutch that goes with this. I'll be paying."  Harry said.

"Harry you don't have to buy me the dress, Mom gave me money." I said and then I saw the price tag.

"I'm paying, don't argue with me." he said.

"it's way to much."

"shut up!" Harry exclaimed.


"I'm paying, that's final." he said.

"Fine. but I'll get the corsages, you'll still go with me right?" I asked now feeling really insecure.

"I promised that a very long time ago, of course I'll go" Harry promised and gave me a short hug before he and Gillian went up to the register to pay and to fetch the shoes, the clutch and a black shawl to have over my shoulders if it would get cold.


I had the perfect earrings and bracelets to go with that. now I just had to figure out how to tell Louis that I didn't follow his advice.

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