More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


14. Graduation, The ceremony

- Peyton -


I stepped out of the shower, turning of the water and reached for the big yellow towel hanging next me. today was the day that I officially didn't need to go to school anymore. 


Today's graduation.


I sighed and wiped of the steam of the mirror. I secured the towel around my chest and reached for the second I had brought to dry my hair with. I dried it roughly and then I plugged in the hair drier to blow out my hair. 

I looked at myself in the mirror while I dried my hair. when I was done I unplugged the drier and took out my makeup. I applied a simple makeup, I didn't want to over do it. 

the light lipstick moved smoothly over my lips as i did the last touch with it. I let my hair be straight  and took a touch of perfume (our moment - just to give Harry a laugh) on and went out to my room to put on the dress that my mother had bought me. at least it wasn't pink.

it had a soft royal blue tone to it and had a lace top and chiffon skirt, of all the dresses my mother had bought me and made me wear this was definitely the best one. 



I got into it and made sure the zipper was up before I watched myself in the mirror. I looked so grown up. I didn't look like a little girl anymore. 


"you look so beautiful." it came from behind me.


I turned around and saw my mother standing in the doorway. For once she was wearing a simple darker blue dress and high heels, not any pink in sight or the horrible sensible shoes she usually wore.


"thanks mom." I said walking over to my dresser to pick out some jewelry to wear.

"your father and I have a gift for you." she said and took a few steps inside my room.

"can't it wait till later? I really want to get ready." I asked and picked up the paper-plane necklace and put it on, hiding it under the fabric of the dress near my heart.

"here, open it." she said and gave me a small box. 


She walked over to my bed and sat down. My father appeared in the doorway in a dark suit and a matching tie, to my mothers dress, leaning against the door frame.


"my grandmother got that when my grandfather proposed to her." he said and watched me.


I opened the box and it was a very beautiful diamond-bracelet. it was the most beautiful thing I had ever gotten from my parents.


"it's so beautiful, thank you!" I said.

"it was time we got you something special." my father said.

"you didn't need to, I'm used..."  I started but I was cut of.

"yes we needed to. we have been neglecting you for way to long darling." my mother said.

"yeah, you have." I whispered.

"we have been so worked up with your brother, making sure that he has what he need, being the perfect parents, that we forgot about our beautiful daughter." my father said.

"we weren't the best parents to you, Peyton. and I'm so so sorry we didn't give you as much attention as we gave your brother." my mother sniffled and stood up. 

"mom it's okay." I said.

"no, it's not okay. We should have given you so much more, we should have shown you how much you mean to us." my father said.


"we are so proud of the young woman you have become. you have so much potential and you are so precious to us. don't ever think we don't care about you." my father continued. 

"I know you care, in your own way." I said.

"lets save the tears for the ceremony, okay?" my father said and I could see that he was tearing up.


they looked genuinely sorry for the way that they had been treating me lately. I sighed and gave them a big hug. I knew that it wasn't just to forgive and forget but this was a really good start. 


"and we do have an other gift for you but that you'll get that later." My mother said and pushed my hair behind my shoulder. 

"thanks. I'll just grab my stuff and then we can leave." I said.

"wear the bracelet for me?" my father said.

"sure dad." I said and took the bracelet out of the box


with my fathers help I got it on and then I took my black blazer and the same clutch from last night. I put the shoes on and grabbed my phone, my cap and gown and walked after my parents down to the car.


this day started out well.


- - - 


"miss Charlie Grey, Mr Karl Greyson, Miss Peyton Hale." the principal shouted and I stood up walking up to the stage to accept my diploma.


I hadn't seen Harry yet though. I walked up the few steps of the stage and walked up to the principal and his secretary giving out the diplomas. 

I shook their hands, did the hole ceremonial tassel switch side thing and as I was about to walk of stage I saw him. he was sitting in the way back.

he looked so good, he was wearing a white button up shirt that was rolled up to his elbows, a black tie round his neck and a pair of dark sunglasses. he smiled one of his big smiles and waved at me. Next him Anne, Robin and Gemma was sitting. I smiled and waved back to him.

the next half hour was kind of chaotic  the principal shouted out the last names of the senior class, we threw all our hats up in the air and then it was all over. my school days was definitely and finally over.


Then we finally got to the point where we had to find our friends and loved ones and get to the second part of the celebration, awkward dinner. I pushed myself past a few other families before I finally saw them. Mom and dad where chatting with Anne and Robin while a few steps away Harry stood with Gemma, James and Steve. 

I stopped and looked at them, to anybody else nobody could think that my parents had disowned my brother because of his sexuality. James and Steven were holding hands and looked so much in love. I saw how my mother was looking over at them from time to time, she looked a bit sad and my father held his arm around her. that was the most affectionate I had seen my parents be for a very long time. I guess that they had made peace the last couple of days with me not being in the house.


then something very weird happened. my mother excused herself and walked up to my brother. James looked surprised but he smiled when mom talked and held out her hand towards Steven. I smiled and walked up to them.


"its nice to finally meet you Steven." my mother said as I walked up to them. 

"hey." I said.

"little sister!" James exclaimed and hugged me.

"I can't breathe." I joked as he spun me around.

"James put her down." my mother chuckled.


James put me down and then I got hugged by my mother, Steven and Gemma. Harry was standing behind them.


"So is everything okay now?" I asked.

"We are getting there." Jamie said laying his arm around moms shoulders. 

"baby steps." my mother smiled for the first time in days.


yeah I knew all about baby steps, me and Harry had been taking them for the last couple of days too. I looked over at Harry and saw that he was holding something back, that cheeky bastard. I wanted to know what he was up to, he was totally planing something and I didn't know if I liked that. I loved Harry but not his surprises. 





see this as a part one out of two, the dinner, the present and Harry's surprise is up next. its going to be called Graduation, the dinner

this is why this chapter may be a bit short, still have a lot of things coming up. what did you think about Mr and Mrs Hale's apologies and the reaching out to James? Tell me what you think of that! :)

keep reading, fanning, comment and like! 

thank you!

// Sarah

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