More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


16. Define The Relationship

- Harry -

I was packing the last stuff into my bag. the stay at my mother house had come to and end.

It's been two days since the hole graduation dinner and that our families found out about me and Peyton. I was still a bit nervous though. even though they had some what approved of us, Peyton and I still hadn't had the D.T.R talk yet. 


Define The Relationship.

Who does that talk anyway? I love this girl and she loves me back so why have a talk about it?


I sighed and closed the zipper and sat down on the edge of the bed. I missed Peyton, I just saw her less then 2 hours ago but I still had this feeling that I wanted to be next to her. I had never felt like this before and still these feelings scared me. they were overwhelming sometimes and the only one that got to calm down is her. just the look of her or the sound of her voice.

I got the bag and put it on the floor before laying back onto the bed. I sighed again and closed my eyes. I didn't want to leave. 

I was safe here, I had my friends and family here. there were no paparazzis or fans screaming in my face and I could just relax and be myself.  

I sighed again and ran my hand through my hair. then I heard the door creek open and close. I kept eyes closed, I could hear soft steps walking over to my bed. 


"Haz?" Peyton whispered.

"Haz, are you awake?" she asked. 


I kept my eyes closed wondering what she would do if she thought I was really asleep. As I was fully streched over the bed I felt the madress dip a bit as she climed up on it. she laid herself down next to me and started to play with my hair.


"hey, sleeping beauty. Time to wake up!" she whispered. 


I still didn't open my eyes. I pretended to stir a bit as if I was deep asleep I turned a bit and laid my arm over her waist. It was a clear "you are mine even if I'm asleep" kind of move and she giggled softly. I felt her fingertips lightly brush my cheek before her face got closer to mine, I felt it because I felt her breath mixing with mine.


"Harold, time to wake up." she said a bit louder then before. 


I let out a small sigh but kept my eyes closed. I was struggling to keep my mouth to not turn into a big smile or a little smirk. I was a bad actor everyone knew that and I was trying my best to do the best performance of my life. 

then I felt her soft lips against mine, that was all I wanted. her lips pressed against mine and her close to me. I couldn't stop myself and smiled into the kiss. she smiled back and got her hands tangled into my hair. 


God what I loved this girl! 


"so you were awake?" she giggled as I dragged her closer and nuzzled my head into the creek of her neck.

"yeah." I smiled and kissed just below her ear as I turned us so that I was hovering over her instead of laying next to her.


She moaned and pushed my head closer. I let my hand travel down her waist and her thigh and stopped at her left knee to lift it up to my waist. 


"we have to get going." she said and lifted her other leg to mirror the left one. 

"we have time." I whispered and kissed her sweet spot again.

"Harry." she moaned.

"love, just five more minutes." I smiled and bit her earlobe lightly.

"Our parents are waiting downstairs to have dinner and to say goodbye before we leave." she whispered. 


I backed a bit so that I could look at her. she was the most beautiful girl that I had ever met and the fact that I knew her, and understood her made me love her even more. As on que my mother shouted.


"kids! dinner's ready!"


I sighed and rolled of Peyton and went back on my back against the soft bedspread. 


"come on Haz!" Peyton chippered and stood up. 


She lend me her hand and started to pull me up to get me of the bed. I groaned and stood up, I got the bag of the floor and kept holding her hand as we got to the stairs. 




- Peyton -

We were working our way out to the car, Harry's black range rover to be exact. I had already gotten my 5 bags into the back of the car and we were all standing next to it. Harry was hugging his mom and Gemma after a short hug with Robin and I was stuck in the arms of my mother. I still had trouble to believe why Gemma needed me to pack all those bags for just 2 and a half weeks.


"mom, you are acting like I'm not coming back." I sighed.

"I'm just hugging my daughter." she sniffed, the last thing I wanted was for her to cry.

"I'm not abandoning you." I said.

"well, I was hoping you would stay with me in London though." Harry said behind me.

"what?" I asked and let go of my mother to look at him.

"we haven't really talked about it but if you wanted to you could stay at my place for a while." he said looking down at the ground.

"seriously?" I asked and I could feel my eyes bulge out of their sockets.

"yeah, if you want to?" he asked.

"If I want to? are you asking me to move in with you?" I asked surprised. 

"yeah?" he said.


I looked at my parents and then at Anne, Robin, Gemma and My brother that had come to wave me of as well. they were not that surprised though.


"you knew?" I asked looking at them.


they were nodding and smiling and looking really guilty. My dad smiled widely and I knew that he was approving if I went to stay with Harry. 


"okay, I guess I'll have some more packing to do then." I giggled. 


Harry shot his head up and smiled at me. I shook my head and smiled back at him. this must have been the first surprise from him that I didn't hate. I still couldn't begin to explain the feelings I had for this boy. I stepped closer and Harry closed the gap between us and hugged me tightly. 


"you will call us at least once a week and I will drive down to get you that car." my dad said as I let go of  Harry to hug him and my mom once again. 


It was a tearful goodbye but after another hour with a promise to come back to pack more stuff soon, we were finally on the road.


- - -


I was changing the CD when Harry cleared his throat and took a quick glans at me before looking back at the road.


"what?" I asked smiling.

"without trying to sound like a complete girl, What are we?" he asked.


I couldn't believe that he just asked me that. I burst out laughing and had to clutch my stomach from the pain of laughing so hard. my eyes were tearing up and I just felt overwhelmed again of the love I felt for this boy.


"it's not that funny!" he exclaimed and frowned.

"that totally makes you sound like a girl." I teased him as I was calming down.

"just answer the question." he said. 

"what do you want us to be?" I asked him and I caught myself really wanting to know the answer.


yeah we knew we loved each other, we had told each other that but we didn't know were we wanted this to lead. my heart started to pound and I was nervous to hear what he had to say about this.


"I would like to say that you are my girlfriend." He smiled nervously, was it possible that he was just as nervous as me about this?

"really?" I asked.

"yeah, I love you, I've told you that many times these last couple of days and I would really like to give this, what ever we have a real chance." he said changing the gear as he got out on the freeway.

"I would like that too." I smiled widely.

"so I guess you got yourself a boyfriend then?" he laughed.

"then you got yourself a girlfriend." I laughed with him.


there we had it, we had D.T.R and I couldn't be more happy in this very second. the only thing left to do was to tell the boys...

 ... and then the fans. 




so the relationship is defined now.. what do you think about their relationship  tell me what you think in the comments below! please? :D

// Sarah

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