More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


21. !! AUTHORS NOTE !!

Hello my dear readers!

I'm sorry that this isn't a chapter, but I will tell you that a new chapter will be up on Sunday or sooner.

why a chapter isn't up today is that my father turns 50 years old today and i'm off to celebrate that. 



But in the mean time I would love it if you read my new story.


Made for me


it's my first real attempt to write something other than a fanfic of One direction or Harry Styles.

so please give it a read and tell me what you think of it. 

I have mumbled about it before and the first chapter was up on the first of December. 


I love all the reads and likes and favorites I have gotten so far on this story. I love that you take time and read it. so thank you so so much!

keep reading, liking and Favorite! 



Thank you! <3// Sarah

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