More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


20. A party?

- Harry - 


I didn't really know how to respond to that. He took me of guard, how do i tell my best friend that my other best friend is my girlfriend now?

I mean Louis already knew about I I felt about Peyton because I had told him and asked for advice about it but the others didn't know yet. but after that picture on twitter everyone knew. I sighed ad looked at Peyton that was really enjoying herself right now, she was not going to save me out of this. I pressed the speaker button and started to talk.


"Yeah?" I said into the phone and heard how Louis and probably the other boys were laughing in the background.

"Finally! So it's official for real now then?" Liam said.

"I'm on speaker?" I asked frowning.

"Uhm, yeah! This conversation was way to important to not not have on speaker." Niall's thick Irish voice said.

"So we need a party to celebrate this! We are coming over!" Louis screamed, just like he always do.

"Why do we have to have a party? Don't we have a say in this?" Peyton asked and scooted closer to me and the phone that I held.

"and You are asking why We have you on speaker?" Zayn said.

"Well it's like you said, to important call to not not have on speaker." I said rolling my eyes. 

"back to the question boys, it's our house. don't you think we should have a say in this hole party thing?" Peyton sighed and leaned back against the couch. 

"our house?" I whispered. 

"yeah? to soon?" she smirked.

"not at all, sweetheart." I said smiling. 

"are you gonna kiss now?" Niall whined.

"no we are going to hang up first, besides I think we have some things to do before you all get here right?" Peyton said.

"Peyton's right. And this party is limited to us boys and our girls." I sighed rubbing my eyes. 

"fine, we'll call the girls and we'll see you in a while." Liam said.

"bring some beer will you?" I asked boys. 


they all said they would and then screamed their goodbyes before hanging up. 


"so much for a quiet and calm night on our own huh?" I sighed and turned to look at Peyton. 


she was blushing and looking back at me. she looked really good wearing my t shirt. She was still the most beautiful girl I had ever met. I think that the boys got a bit annoyed with me today though, I was talking a lot about Peyton more than usual actually but they didn't really ask anything about what had happen back home and I had thought that that had been a real solid hint on that something had happened but no questions, not a single one. 

I had a lot things I liked about Peyton, I liked the way she smiled at me and the fact that I knew that I was the only one she smiled like that to made me even more happier. the way her eyes sparkled, just like they did right now, when she was tiered and her laugh and well everything about her really. she was the best thing that had happen to me in a long time and I was going to cherish this as long as i could.

I smiled and stood up giving her my hand to help her up. she took my hand but didn't make any effort to get up.


"come on, we have to get changed." I whined when she made herself heavier to not get up from the couch.

"noo, call them back and cancel." she whined in return.

"they are probably already on their way." I said.

"if you cancel we could just go to bed and cuddle all night." she said and tried looking sexy blinking her eyes, but she totally failed that just looking weird opening and closing her eyes at me.

"sorry love, not canceling." I laughed and dragged her up to a standing position before I bend and lift her up over my shoulder.

"Harry put me down." she said.

"nope, if I do that you'll just sit back down and we'll never be done before the others get here." I smirked and started to walk up the stairs to our room.

"babe, please put me down." she said.

"you have a half an hour to get ready." I said and put her down on the floor of the bedroom.

"what am I suppose to wear?" she asked.

"just something comfortable, it's just the boys and their girls." I told her walking past her into the closet to pick out a shirt to wear. 

"what are we suppose to do when they get here? watch movies or play games?" she asked walking in behind me.

"what ever we feel like, but I'm not the host of this party. they are." I said.

"right, can I just have jeans and a t shirt?" she asked me.


I turned around and looked at her. she was pouting and looking through all the shirts and blouses she had on now her side of the walk-in-closet. 


"what ever you wear you will look gorgeous you know." I smirked.

"I'm sorry but I think you are suppose to say that as a supportive boyfriend." she said frowning and looking through her shirts again.

"babe, I'm serious." I said changing the shirt I was wearing to a clean white v neck t shirt.

"Haz, I love you." she sighed and walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"well I love you too." I said giving her a hug before starting to walk out the door.



- Peyton - 

I had to admit that I was pretty nervous, I had met the boys but I couldn't say I had met the girls that many times though. I rummaged through the shirts again before deciding on a dark blue blouse that was  see-through and black skinny jeans. I changed into the jeans and changed into a black bra to have under the blouse. I decided to put on the earrings I got from Harry and my black wristwatch. It was just a hang out right? didn't really need to dress up. I walked into the bathroom and released my hair from the bun and brushed my loose curls out so they were hanging free down my back. I put on some mascara and lip gloss before heading down to the kitchen.


"Haz, when are the others getting here?" I asked walking into the kitchen.


Harry was putting ice into a bucket. he looked up when I spoke.


"Lou just sent a text and they are on their way, so probably 5 minutes or so." he said taking out a bag of crisps from the cabinet and poured them into a bowl.

"do you have any candles? it's a nice night I thought we could sit out on the patio." I asked and pointed towards the patio doors.

"yeah, the cabinet next to the dishwasher. that's a good idea, I'll get the extra blankets if it gets cold. I think I put the heat on the pool on too." he said walking out of kitchen.

"you really think they are going to go into the pool?" I called after him.

"I don't know but better be safe than sorry." he called back. 


I walked up to the cabinet he told me the candles were in and took a few before getting out on the patio to the garden furniture that was on the patio, it was two rectangular tables and eight chairs around them. the garden was really beautiful. besides the pool it was a big green lawn and at the end of it it was a set of swings. on one side of the garden, the one opposite of the pool there was yellow rosebushes planted next to the wall. it was pretty. 

the pool started to lit up so I suppose that Harry had put the heat in the pool on. I started to put the candles on the tables. 


"maybe we should put them more together?" Harry said walking out with the bowl of crisps and the bucket of ice. 

"sure. grab that end." I said grabbing the other end of the table I was closest to. 


Harry put down the bucket on the patio tiles and the bowl on the other table before grabbing the other end of the table lifting it. 


"we need more chairs." I said.

"yeah, I've got some more in the garage." Harry said. 

"want some help?" I asked.

"yeah, I think I have four chairs in there, we are going to need them I think. Lou and Tom are coming too." Harry said as I followed him into the garage.

"are they bringing Lux?" I asked smiling.

"yeah, I think so but they're not staying that long though." he said taking the chairs down from the hooks on the wall that they were hanging on. 


I took two of the chairs and and started to carry them out to the patio. Harry was walking close to behind me with the other two chairs. we just put them around the tables when the doorbell rang.


"I guess it's showtime." I said feeling very nervous. 

"It's just the boys." Harry laughed.

"yeah, but the times I met them before I was just your friend, now I'm your girlfriend. that is a bit different you know." I said taking his hand that he held out before we both went to the front door.

"You have always been my girl Peyton. they known that sense forever." he smirked.

"don't laugh at me. " I pouted.

"I'm not." he smiled and leaned in and kissed my lips quickly before he let me go and opened the door. 


they boys greeted us with hugs and a short presentation of their girls before we all walked to the patio. the doorbell rang again and Harry went to open it. I felt a bit awkward at first and I guess the boys picked up on that. Louis walked up and laid his arm around my shoulders pulling me into a hug.


"Harry showed me the picture of the dress. I'm glad you didn't take my advice, that one was so much better." 

"thanks Lou. really." I smiled and just like that nothing was awkward anymore. 

"lets party then." Harry said as he walked out on the patio were we all stood. 


he had Lux on his arm and after he introduced me to Lou and Tom we all got seated round the tables. We just talked and got to know each other and the time went so much faster than we would have thought. Lux was stealing the attention with her cute 2 year old self and I was glad to not be the center of attention. Harry was so good with her. He played with her and so did the other boys too. but after a while she was getting tiered. she looked around on the people sitting around the table before she looked at me. I gave her a smile and as she walked up to me i bent forward to give her my attention. she reached her arms up and I picked her up to put her in my lap. she snuggled into my arms and leaned on my chest. 


"someone is giving their okay." Harry said as he laid a blanket over Lux and I.

"she is really cute." I whispered and pulled a string of hair out of her face. 

"she is already sleeping isn't she?" Lou asked looking at her daughter. 

"yeah." Harry said.

"we could put her on the guest bed. I can take her." Harry said.

"I don't really mind taking her, besides don't wanna wake her right?" I smiled.

"I'll go with you." Lou said and took Lux's bag and followed me to the downstairs guest room next to the downstairs bathroom.


we put her down on the covers and I laid the blanket over her. we put some pillows around her so that she wouldn't fall down on the floor. Lou checked her once more before we walked out and she stopped me in the kitchen.


"Harry talks about you a lot. telling us how great you are and all and I must say that you are a real cute one." she said smiling.

"thanks Lou. but please don't believe everything he says." I smiled. 

"It's just good things." she giggled.

"well, good things are good." I gave one of my biggest smiles.

"of course." she said.

"so I pass?" I asked.

"darling there was never any question of something else. I think I speak for all  of us when I say that you are definitely a keeper." she laughed.


we walked out to the patio to the rest of the gang again. I was really enjoying myself to night and the fact that me and Harry was a couple didn't need to be such a big deal and I'm glad that this party wasn't more than a hang out. I liked these people and I was glad that I had the chance to get to know them. 

I was glad that Harry talked me into this, even if I didn't need that much convincing in the first place. I had no regrets, in fact I had just mad a few new friends tonight.






so everyone, I'm a bit sad to tell you all readers that I just have 2 more chapters left. we are near the end. tell me what you think of this?!

thanks for reading, fan and commenting. keep doing that! :) <3

// Sarah



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