More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


5. A lot of thinking

- Harry -

I just don't know how to feel right now, its not like I haven't seen her in a bikini before so why am I reacting like this? but she was really hot in that black lace. I bite my lip as I wait for Louis to pick up.


Beep... beep... beep.. Beep... Beep.. Beep..


Come on, pick up when I need you! Answer the damn Phone Lou!


Beep... beep... beep.. beep...


Phone call - L: Louis H: Harry

L: "Hello?"

H: "Lou I need some advise! why didn't you pick up right away?"

L: "well hello to you to Haz! for your information I was taking a piss and had left my phone in the other room"

H: "Fine, I don't really know where to start." 

L: "Start from the beginning? How's Peyton? was she surprised to see you this morning?"

H: "yeah you can say that, that's kind of the thing I want advice about"

L: "Okay? what are you talking about?" *confused*

H: "well her dad let me in and when I sat there waiting for her getting ready in the bathroom, and when she got out she was just in her underwear and I kind of reacted on her, I mean I have seen her in a bikini before but this morning something was different and I don't know what to do about it."

L: "what do you mean with react?"

H: "like attracted to her, she looked very Hot I might ad."

L: "you mean she gave you a boner?" *Laughing*

H: "shut up Lou, just tell me what to do!" 

L: "talk to her about it? maybe she will surprise you?"

H: "surprise me with what? a kick in the as?" *Sarcasm*

L: "don't you sass me, I can hang up ya know!" *more laughing*

H: "fine, Sorry."

L: " You just have to figure out what you want before you confront her okay? you can't say you think, you have to know!" 

H: "okay, thanks Lou. I have to go, Peyton's done with her test now."

L: "okay sure Hazza, talk to you later and say hey to Peyton for me will ya?"

H: "yeah, sure I will. bye Lou."


I turned of the phone and looked over to the entrance of the park, I had sent a text to Peyton saying I was sitting here and that I would be waiting for her when she was done.

The thing is I kind of lied to Lou, Peyton still had about an hour left on her exam. I just didn't know how to end the conversation without sounding mean or that i don't appreciate the fact the he is trying to help me.

I sighed and leaned my head back and looked up in the sky. Like my answer on all of this was up there.

What was I feeling about her? what was going on? why was I feeling like this? why now? why didn't I feel this before? before when she actually was turning into a woman? 

I didn't know what to think but Louis was right, I can't say anything until I know for sure what I want. Peyton is to important to me, I can't loose her. 

I closed my eyes and sighed again. how long would it take to figure that out? I don't want to act different around my best friend. she needs me to be here for her now. specially now with her parents and her brother.

So I guess trying to talk to her about this hole feeling thing have to wait for a while, but that is okay with me. I don't understand my own feeling yet so why would she? even if she probably knows me better than I do. 


"hey?" a soft voice next to me said.


I opened my eyes and saw Peyton sitting next to me.


"hey." I tried to smile but I wasn't 100% into it and I saw that she saw that.



- Peyton -

I was finally done, no more tests, no more homework, no more trying to be the best at everything to impress my parents. 

I walked out from the school building and picked out my phone, I had turned it of before the test so i wouldn't get distracted so when I started it I saw that I had gotten a text from Harry. I opened and read it.


From Hazza

@ the park, come find me when you are done. x Harry


I smiled and locked the phone and started to walk towards the park, it was a good day today, the weather was really nice and the sun was shining. I walked into the park and I saw him right away. 

he was sitting on a bench not far from the entrance and he had his head fallen back, looking up into the sky.

he looked tense, like he had something on his mind that he wasn't going to share. I walked up to him and sat down next to him on the bench. I guess that I was really careful because he didn't notice me.


"hey?" I said as soft as I could to not scare him.


he opened his eyes that had been closed and looked at me.


"hey." he said and he tried to smile but he wasn't into it and the smile failed.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"yeah, I'm fine." he said.


Something made me believe that he wasn't telling me the truth, I basicly know him better than he know himself. Does he think I'm stupid?


"okay, I'm hungry maybe we could go get something to eat?" I asked and stood up from the bench.

"yeah, me too." he said and got up as well. 


We walked in silence to the car and it was kind of awkward. He did open my door for me though and he tried to smile but I could see that he was thinking about something, something big. 

I wouldn't lie and say I wasn't curious. but I didn't want to push him to tell me what was going on.


"Is there something wrong?" I asked as he parked the car in front of the local diner.

"No why would there be something wrong?" he asked and looked nervously on me.

"You are acting weird and you have barely spoken to me sense I walked into that test. what is going on Hazza?" I asked and wanted him to answer me.

"I just thinking about something that Louis told me on the phone earlier, there's nothing wrong. don't worry." he said and took the key out of the ignition.

"if it's nothing just tell me what it is?" I said.

"I'm hungry come on lets get some food." he said and dodged the question that I had asked him.

"We are not done with this but I will let it go.. for now.." I said and smiled to him.


He needs to know that I'll always will be there for him, no matter what. he means so much to me, I can't loose him. I made a mental note to my self to call Louis later to ask him what is going on. If Harry wouldn't tell me maybe he would. 





Dear readers!
planing the next upcoming chapters was so much easier then writing them, I have struggled with writers block for a while and I really tried to get this right. I hope you like it! 
keep reading and liking! 
Thanks! :)


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