The Styles Triplets

Harry, Edward and Marcel may all look the same, but they are completely different, especially their secrets. Baylee may look like a normal girl, but her mom passed away 6 years ago and no one knows the real reason why, until she is forced to tell the boys. Not only does she have a big secret, they all do too.


29. Chapter Twenty-Nine

The court hearing is today. No one has said anything to me about why Niall, Louis, and Zayn came over the other day. Now I feel like they're hiding something from me. Edward and Marcel leave at like 6pm and don't show up until 6am the next day. Marcel has practically moved into the apartment.

Seeing that man that murdered my mother is not going to end well in my head. I'm going to have to be held back so I don't attempt to do something to him. Now I'm not saying I'll kill him because I don't want to stoop to his level, but I'd still punch him out.

I honestly didn't care that my mom didn't tell me that he wasn't my father. I loved her and as long as she was my biological mom, I was happy.

All of the four policemen that came to Edward's apartment last week, are going to be there. Watching us. David, the one that works for Dylan...well Edward now, will be there to keep an eye on us. Edward has spoken to him about the situation and knows the way we will be going about today.

I have to admit, he is very attractive. Like, really, really attractive.

I'm looking really professional today. Which is weird because I had to buy the clothes for today, because I wanted to seem older, and try to get the jury on my side.

"Baylee, we better leave if you want to make it on time," Marcel calls out.

"I'll be out in a second," I reply.

I quickly touch up my hair and makeup, grab my bag and rush out to the front door.

Edward locks it and we go down to the car.


"Miss Jensen," Officer Fatty greets, as soon as I walk in the court. Of course. He is the one waiting. Argh.

The jury is already there and I see my lawyer at the front. Gosh, I haven't seen her for a while.

"Baylee dear!" She calls out to me and pushes past fatty to hug me.

"Aunt Katy. Oh, I've missed you," I reply hugging her back.

Katy and my mom were best friends all through high school, so when a few things happened when I was younger, I think to do with my mom's job, Katy became our personal lawyer. Though I haven't seen her for years.

"Come, dear, we have much to talk about," She says ushering me to the right table at the front. "Now where are those witnesses?" she asks looking around.

"Oh, right. Harry, Marcel, Edward!" I call them over.

They walk over and Katy introduces herself to them and them to her.

"Now, this doesn't start for another fifteen minutes, so we can go through a few things," She explains. "Now, Dylan's lawyer is one of the best at defending accused murders. But that's only if he cracks the opponents. And that is definitely not going to happen. All you have to do is tell everything that happened that night a few weeks ago, and Baylee, you have to tell everyone in the courtroom what happened all those years ago, well what you can remember. Can you do that sweetie?" she asks.

I nod in reply. I look at the triplets, and they nod their heads at me, letting me know they know our plan.

Marcel and Aunt Katy talk about something, whilst I excuse myself to get some fresh air.

Once I walk out, I notice a bench on the side of the building and sit there, closing my eyes and breathing deeply, trying to calm my nerves.

After a few minutes, I feel someone sit on the bench next to me. Expecting it to be one of the triplets, I open my eyes to yell at them, but I stop after I see who it is.

"Hey," he says smiling at me.

"Hi," I reply, turning to look at the tree in front of me.

"I don't think we've formally met yet. I'm David," he says holding his hand out waiting for me to shake it.

"Baylee," I reply smiling and shaking his hand.

"You nervous?" he asks.

I laugh a humourless laugh and reply, "Yep. And shit scared."

"Just remember, there's a bunch of people in there that don't like your dad-" I turn and glare at him. "I...uh. I mean, Dylan. I've helped out in putting him where he belongs. Because well, he really didn't have a good motive to do this shit he has done," he says.

I turn to look at him and nod. Understanding that I have had a group of people, that I don't know, but know me, looking out for me.

"Edward has tried to protect you for many years, and, even though it has taken this long, it will work out. Just believe," David says.

"I'll try," I reply, nodding.

"So Baylee, how old are you?" he asks after about a minute or two of silence.

"Just turned 18," I reply. "What about you?"

"23, almost 24," he replies.

"Rather young to be a police officer," I say.

"I'm in here to protect my family and the Snaker family. This is my first case, and I'm glad it is. Glad to help a group of people that mean a lot to many people," he says smiling.

"How did you end up in the gang? You seem so...humble," I ask.

"Baylee! We need you in now," Marcel yells from around the corner.

"I should get back," I say standing up, dusting off the invisible dust on my skirt.

"Then I guess I will tell you another day," He says.

"I'm looking forward to finding out," I laugh.

David chuckles a bit, as we head inside the courtroom

"Have a clear head up there, and stick to your story," He whispers, smiling.

"Thanks for helping," I say smiling and walking away to sit next to Aunt Katy.

"Hey sweet cheeks," She greets. "Who was that cute police officer that walked in with you?"

"Oh Uhm. I think his name is David?" I reply.

"You can't remember his name! Babe. He is cute!" She says almost yelling it.

"He wouldn't be interested. I'm only 18, and he is 23," I reply. And he works for my 'dad'. "Why don't you have him?"

"Honey, I'm married and have three children if you forgot," She replies laughing.

"Oh yeah! Jaxon, Holly, and Sarah," I reply.

Officer Fatty coughs to get everyone's attention, and in walks him with officer Moustache next to him.

Here goes nothing.

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