The Styles Triplets

Harry, Edward and Marcel may all look the same, but they are completely different, especially their secrets. Baylee may look like a normal girl, but her mom passed away 6 years ago and no one knows the real reason why, until she is forced to tell the boys. Not only does she have a big secret, they all do too.


12. Chapter Twelve

"Baylee, I'm bored," Harry whines as we all sit around the TV, in the lounge room.

Harry is next to me on the double sofa, and Edward and Marcel have the single couches.

We were watching The Breakfast Club until Harry turned it off.

"You can't do that! We didn't even finish it," I complain.

"I'm sure you know how it ends...word by word," Edward says.

I glare at him. "We'll what do you want to do?" I say looking at Harry, then glancing at my watch, "It is almost 1pm."

"We haven't been to the beach yet! And we leave in 3 days!" Harry says.

That is true. After the party nothing happened. Marcel would sneak out to see his girlfriend who most likely also came here to be with him, Harry was Harry and Edward attempted to talk to me but I kept giving him one word answers or no answer at all, so he backed off.

"Yeah! We haven't been yet," I say looking at Edward.

I get up and quickly head for the stairs. "Be ready in 10 minutes and we will go!" I yell running up.


"It's like a gathering of twelve-year-olds," I comment, as we reach the beach.

"I'm sure some of them would be at least sixteen, I mean look at that one," Edward says pointing to a girl, that looks twelve, not sixteen, who was in a G-string and a bikini top that barely covered her nipples, "She is hot! Let me go and talk to her."

"Edward," I say, making him stop heading towards the innocent girl, "I think she is twelve. So unless you want to be arrested for either sexual assault or pedophilia, I advise that you should stay away."

"But...but...she is practically begging for me to go there dressed like that!" He complains.

Doesn't this guy get that the way a girl is dressed doesn't mean she wants him?

"Edward, seriously shut up and enjoy the sun!" Harry yells. I look over at him to see that he has already placed his towel down and was laying on it.

"Argh. Whatever," He says rolling out his towel, taking off his shirt, exposing the artefact we call his chest. Completely covered in tattoos. But if you look close enough, on his shoulder, you can see my name in cursive writing. Don't understand why he never covered it. Definitely not romantic.

"Like what you see?" he asks, catching my eyes, smirking and sending a wink my way.

"Yes starring, but not at your body, just your shoulder," I say gazing back down to my name.

He looks at where I was staring at and doesn't show anything on his face. He shrugs and lies down next to Harry.

"Uhm...I'll be back," Marcel says dropping his things and running somewhere but I don't take note.

I take off my singlet and shorts, revealing my black, appropriate, bikini and roll out my towel on the other side of Harry.

"I don't know about you gay guys, but I'm actually going to go for a swim," I say putting my sunglasses on, and heading towards the water.

Nearing the water, I hear footsteps running up to me.

"Oh hey Tom," I say smiling, after noticing it wasn't Harry or Edward.

"Hey, Baylee. Fancy seeing you here," He says laughing.

I laugh with him, "How have you been?" I say as we stop where the water hits the sand.

"I've been good. A little busy, but good." He says smiling.

"That's good," I say looking down to see the water near our toes.

"What about you? How have you been?" He asks.

"Bored, but good," I say looking up at him and smiling.

I take a cautious step so that my ankles are covered in a layer of water, making me feel refreshed.

I start walking in when Tom speaks up, "So when are you leaving?"

"On Sunday," I say frowning.

"So soon?" He asks, slightly frowning.

"Uhm, excuse me," A girl's voice says from behind me, tapping me on the shoulder.

I turn around to see the girl that Edward was checking out before in front of me.

I notice Tom blushing at her choice of clothes or lack of. But he turns around back to the sea.

"Hello?" I ask.

I look past her to see if I can see if Edward made her come up to me, but he looks seriously happy. I'm guessing he wants me to be his wingman.

"This may sound weird and stalker-ish, but I happened to notice that you arrived here with a guy that had numerous tattoos on his body," She says referring to Edward. She honestly sounds older than she looks.

I look back at her, "Oh, yeah. Edward?" I ask. I'm getting curious.

"Well, I was wondering if you could introduce me to him. He is really attractive, but I'm too shy to go up to him." She says a bit shy.

"How old are you?" Tom asks from behind me, now noticing where the conversation ended.

"I just turned sixteen," she says perking up and noticing another attractive guy behind me.

Huh. Edward was right. She is sixteen

"Okay. Well, he is eighteen, just so you know," I say.

"That's not too old, is it?" She asks. I shake my head in a no gesture.

I stood there, looking between Edward and this girl, who both have identical facial expressions. Both pleading for me to introduce them.

"Okay, I'll introduce you to him," I say, looking back her.

"I'll be back," I say to Tom. I turn back to the girl, "You ready?"

She nods eagerly and we start walking towards him. "I'm Amy by the way," She says looking at me.

"I'm Baylee," I reply.

"You have a pretty name!" she says. "And how do you know so many attractive guys?"

I just laugh at her. As we were approaching Edward, I noticed he had his 'act cool' demeanour on, trying to look like he didn't notice her coming.

Pretty funny if you ask me, as he was just staring off into the distance.

"Amy, this is Edward. Edward, Amy." I say, introducing them.

"Well, hello there pretty lady," He says taking her hand and kissing it.

That's disgusting. Who the heck would fall for that?

I look at Amy and notice she is about to faint.


I look back to where I was standing with Tom and notice he wasn't there anymore. I mentally sigh.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Marcel with a girl clinging on to his arm.

She was gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, a perfect tan, and a great body.

"Baylee...this is ...Georgina, my girlfriend." He says smiling the biggest smile. You can tell she made him truly happy.

"Hi I'm Baylee, Marcel's step-sister, it's amazing to finally meet you," I say smiling.

"Hi, nice to meet you too," she says smiling a fake smile, but I guessed no one noticed.

"Hey Georgina," Harry says walking up to us, coming back from a beach volleyball game he must've played in. She smiles back and he turns to me.

"Who and what is that girl doing with Edward?" Harry asks pointing at Amy.

"Oh that's Amy," I say looking at her pushing her boobs up against Edward. You can tell he is uncomfortable. "And I really don't know what she is doing," I reply laughing.

"He asked for it," He says laughing. "Hey Marcel, you want to go for a swim, and Baylee and Georgina can get to know each other."

"That's a good idea," Marcel says.

Marcel kissed Georgina's cheek, and walks towards the beach, with Harry hot on his trail.

Amy and Edward have disappeared. Hopefully using protection.

Which leaves me with Georgina. I get this feeling she doesn't like me much.

"You better stay away from Marcel or god help you," She spits out through gritted teeth, turns and walks away.

Yep. She definitely doesn't like me.

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