The Styles Triplets

Harry, Edward and Marcel may all look the same, but they are completely different, especially their secrets. Baylee may look like a normal girl, but her mom passed away 6 years ago and no one knows the real reason why, until she is forced to tell the boys. Not only does she have a big secret, they all do too.


1. Chapter One

P.s. Before anyone says it is incest or it's disgusting, please stop. **SPOILER** Nothing happens when they're in a 'sibling-ship' (yes, I made word up)

I never thought that my dad getting remarried after my mom passed away 6 years ago, would completely change my life. And all because of my dad's wife, my stepmom's, triplets, who happen to go to the same school as I.

Sure they look identical, but boy they are completely different.

First, there is Marcel, the eldest. He is cute with his brown hair gelled back into a strong quiff and his emerald eyes are framed by big black glasses. He is a part of the 'nerd' group in our school.

Harry was born after him, but he acts like the youngest. He is the joker of the three, always making jokes and doing many, many pranks. His hair is left in a mess of curls framing his face. He sits in the same group as I do, which many people claim as the 'popular' group.

Last, but not least, there is Edward. Being all strong and tough makes him seem as the eldest, and not the baby. He has tattoos covering his body, a lip piercing, and an eyebrow piercing. His hair in usually pushed back by a beanie. I guess you can say that he is the 'bad boy' of the school.

Not only did they find out one of my biggest secrets and help me out, I found out a few of their secrets, small and big.

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