The Styles Triplets

Harry, Edward and Marcel may all look the same, but they are completely different, especially their secrets. Baylee may look like a normal girl, but her mom passed away 6 years ago and no one knows the real reason why, until she is forced to tell the boys. Not only does she have a big secret, they all do too.


8. Chapter Eight

Today has gone so slowly.

Oh god, I'm dying.

And to make matters worse, I got my monthly visit earlier today, so I'm on edge. If anyone is to come within 10 feet of me, I'll bite their head off.

I feel as if Edward is stalking me. Everywhere I go, he happens to be there. And obviously I can't stand the look of him on a daily basis, so what makes him think I can deal with him at this moment.

And to be honest, all I want is my ice-cream and chocolate and to watch Netflix all day.

I'm on the floor to my room, the sun has gone down, I'm trying to find a comfortable position to watch my laptop when there is a knock on my door.

If it's Edward, he better prepare for this lamp to come flying at his face.

"Hey Baylee," Marcel says walking into my room, "You've been up here all day. Is something wrong?"

"What do you think!" I shout at him, and then I break down crying.

" this because of Edward?" He asks.

I look at him, stop crying and start laughing like a hyena.

Wait. I stop laughing. Does he know something?

" you know something?" I ask him.

"No...? Am I meant to?" He asks back.

"No. There's nothing to know. And by the way, why would he make me mad, upset and then laugh?" I ask

"Baylee, one second. I'll be back," He says leaving my room.

Okay? He just left.

Did I do something wrong? Did I scare him? Probably.

I get up, very slowly, from the weird position I am in on the floor, and head towards my bathroom.

I open the cabinet under the sink and take out some Naprogesic. I fill up a glass of water and then take the drugs.

Once I'm done, I walk back into my room and collapse onto my bed.

As I'm about to get my laptop to watch more Netflix, my door barged open with Marcel standing there with 4 massive Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy tubs and two spoons.

"How did you know that is my favourite flavour of Ben and Jerry's?!" I asked.

"I have my ways," He says winking at me and heading towards me putting the tubs on my bed along with the spoons. He grabbed my laptop and set it up so I could see it from my bed.

"Is it okay if I stay? I understand if you don't want company whilst you're on your...umm..." He stutters, walking closer.

"Period?" I say, "You can say it, it's nothing abnormal. And yes you can stay."

He laughs, presses play and gets comfy at the front of my bed, sitting on the floor. "Orange is the New Black?" He asks.

"Yes. Oh my goodness. It amazing!" I say with him laughing and nodding in agreement. "Wait, how do you know what to do when a girl is on her period?" I say.

"Please stop using that's rather...awkward," He says, "And I guess ... I've seen ... uh....a few TV shows? Yeah, that's it."

Yeah, sure. TV shows.

As soon as the theme song starts playing, my door then slams open with Harry standing in the doorway, staring at us.

"Are you watching Stranger Things?" He asks.

"Hell yeah!" I say, "Wanna join?"

"Hell yeah!" He copies me. He grabs Marcel's spoon and takes a big spoonful of ice-cream, plopping down next to me.


After watching practically the first season, it was about 10pm and we were all getting tired. Marcel and Harry decided they should g back to their rooms to get some sleep.

That was probably the best time I have had with them. I'm surprised they watch Orange is the New Black. And my gosh, is it awkward!

Although I am really tired, it seems I can't go to sleep again.

I head out of my room, taking the last ice-cream tub with me - yes, we ate three tubs of ice-cream - and headed down to the kitchen. I put the ice-cream in the freezer and pour myself a glass of milk.

I'm almost done drinking when I hear footsteps heading this way. Not thinking anything logical, I jump off the counter and hide under the table.

"Baylee?" The voice says.

Oh. My. God. I'm going to die.

"Baylee, I know you are in here." That's when I recognised it was my dad.

I get up from under the table whilst he turns on the light.

"Hey, dad," I say, smiling awkwardly

"Were you under the table?" he asks.

"Uhh...yeah...I thought you were going to kill me...sorry." I say.

"Great imagination you got there, but I locked the doors, and windows, so no murderers here," He says laughing at me.

I try to laugh but I'm still getting over the mini heart attack.

"So are you enjoying your time here?" He asks, sitting down at the table, gesturing I should too.

"Surprisingly yes. What about you?" I say finishing the last drop of my milk.

"Yeah I am. I'm glad you're having fun." He says, taking my glass and putting it in the sink. "I was wondering if you were up to going into town tomorrow."

"I'm always up for going into town," I say smiling.

"Good. I want you to show the boys around."

"You're not coming?" I ask.

"There's no point. You're seventeen, almost eighteen and they're eighteen. You guys are responsible for looking after yourselves and each other." He says, sitting back down.

What? No. Not the four of us. Marcel and Harry will run away, leaving me with dick head.

"Why don't you look happy?" He asks.

"I am. I promise. I just want to stay away from one of them." I reply.

"Let me guess...Edward?"

"Ding ding ding! We have a winner," I say rather bored.

"Why don't you try to get along? He's a nice boy Baylee. I'm sure you guys would get along great!" He says.

If only he know how great we used to get along, and what we did on the counter behind him.

"You're joking, right? Trying to get Edward and I get along is like trying to make a cat go for a swim," I say.

"There are some cats that do swim." He states. I just roll my eyes. "Look Baylee, if you want to date one of them, you can. It will be awkward I know, but they are nice boys." He says.

"Uhm dad...they're technically my brothers..?" I say, making him note that incest is not my type of thing. "And plus, Harry likes Denisa, I'm pretty sure Marcel likes someone and Edward and I...we just can't go there," Again...

"Whatever you say." He says winking, getting up from the table and walking away.

Why is he doing this? I can't any of them. Especially Edward. That ship sailed two years ago.

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