Pretty Girls Lie

Nevaeh is a upcoming fashion designer, who needs that special client to make her big break , she didn't expect it to be Mr. Panty Wetter himself . Will she put her work first or fall for the player they call Trey Songz ? let's read & find out


2. Pretty Girls Lie(Continued)

This is Nevaeh & she will be helping you with your outfits today. Trey: Wassup? Nevaeh right? Nevaeh: (shakes hand) yes, Nevaeh. Trey: Your boss here tells me you that special client. What about me am I special enough? Nevaeh: of course your special why wouldn't you be? I mean look at you Trey: oh really? *laughs* Nevaeh: no wait.. not like that. *looking embarrassed* AMORA: well okay lest get started shall we? TRey: lets.... Trey POV Damn she is beyond beautiful she is sexy ass hell. Thank you Ms. Amora. I wonder if she gotta man. Should I ask? Or is that too personal? But damn look at that ass. Nevaeh POV Nevaeh stay calm just do your job. Don't make a fool of yourself in front of this sexy man. I know he is looking at my ass but this is business. NOTHING ELSE. Nevaeh: here try this on please. *hands trey a button down shirt* Trey: we aint even been on a date yet. And you already got me out my shirt *winks* Nevaeh: *laughs* please don't flatter yourself
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