Pretty Girls Lie

Nevaeh is a upcoming fashion designer, who needs that special client to make her big break , she didn't expect it to be Mr. Panty Wetter himself . Will she put her work first or fall for the player they call Trey Songz ? let's read & find out


1. Pretty Girls Lie

My name is Nevaeh, a honey colored female with long jet black naturally curly hair. I have curves for days, and hazel eyes with a smile that can brighten up anyone's day. Oh, did I mention I'm Blasian? I'm an Fashion Stylist for the stars, I just that one client that will set me over the top with my work. (Phone Convo) Nevaeh- Hey boss, I just woke up I'll b- Amora- (cutting me off) yeah you are but that's not the problem we have a very important client who PERSONALLY chose you to help put a few outfits together for their upcoming tour next week, you think your up for it? Nevaeh- of course I'm up to it. Be there in 2 minutes. (End of Phone Convo) OMG this is it!!!! The special client that could get me to the top with my work. I rush take a shower, and put on my faded skinny jeans a tank top with a black cardigan with my black & white chucks. I put my curly hair up in a high bun. Grabbed my phone and keys then went to work. I got to the clothing studio and saw my boss talking to someone, but I couldn't see their face. Amora: Nevaeh you made it.. thanks goodness. Nevaeh: (catching breath) yes... I.. who .. is.. this.. special... client? Amora: oh yes excuse me Mr. Songz this is Ne
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