Pretty Girls Lie

Nevaeh is a upcoming fashion designer, who needs that special client to make her big break , she didn't expect it to be Mr. Panty Wetter himself . Will she put her work first or fall for the player they call Trey Songz ? let's read & find out


3. Once More Contintued

-----A few hours later---- Trey: Thanks you so much for your help you are very talented. Nevaeh: Thank you this is my passion. I'm very serious about it, I hope you enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed working with you? Trey: oh fa show I enjoyed every minute Nevaeh: *giggles & blushes* Trey: you have a beautiful smile Nevaeh: thanks you Trey POV Should I do it? I really wana take her out but what if she rejects me shit. Say what you doing tonight going home to your man? I asked if by man, you mean my bed then yes I'm going home to my man, she said. You got jokes *laughs* well would you like to have dinner with me tonight? I asked. mmm.... Work & dinner sounds like a plan. she answered. Cool let me get your number, I said. Cool let me get your number*mocks him* We both laugh and exchange numbers. ----Author Note---- Are you guys enjoying this so far? Please Leave Tips, Comments, Suggestions..... Tell me what you guys think. Thanks a lot... One Direction fan fiction coming soon......... stay tuned.
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