The Brim of Desire



6. Vital Introductions

“Why are you following me?” she questioned exasperatedly.

“Me? I’m not following you Mrs Vandana; I’m just on my way to meet a woman known as Mrs Geetanjali, who happens to be a pen-pal of mine.” I looked innocently at her.


“It’s Miss, and she’s not your pen pal. God, I wonder if any woman will have the courage to bare you for more than ten minutes!”


“On the contrary, I’m engaged.” I sniggered victoriously.

“Oh well, my condolences to the bride!”

“How dare-”, but before I could contradict, she slipped into the crowd.


It took me a minute to find her amongst the hustle-bustle around me. I felt like a rat in a maze, every glance showing a block in what at first look appeared to be a clear path through to the women.

I finally found her with an old yet, very beautiful woman.

Breathless, I questioned, “Hello! Mrs Geetanjali, is this you?”


“Well yes dear, do we know each other from before?”

“Granny! Let’s go home! And you- you came till here?” she glanced angrily.


“Granny- If I may call you so, I’m Varun... I wrote you that letter.”


“Oh my! This is brilliant. Thank you. Thank you for writing back, I appreciate it, sweetie! Why don’t you join us for lunch?” she smiled affectionately.


“Hell no-”, fired Vandana, but before she could get a word in, I consented. “Sure”, I said with a sheepish grin.


“Granny, we didn’t come for a holiday! Only because you insisted-”


“Of course she didn’t, she came to find her Madhav” I volunteered.


“Shut up! My grandmother loved only one man and it was my grandfather.” she argued.


“Unless your grandfather’s name is Madhav, I highly doubt so.” I chuckled.


“Granny, I wanted to ask you something... if you don’t mind.” I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t want to dwell too deep into their world.


“Sure, my boy, no need to hesitate!” she equipped with her steady smile.


“Is it okay for me to tag along? I don’t want to intrude-”


“Exactly! Stop intruding” saying so Vandana glared at me.


“Nonsense! You’re doing me a great favour, one which I can never repay. I insist.”

“That’s settled then” I smiled back.


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