The Brim of Desire



5. Uninvited Guest

It was just another lazy day for me; the aroma of freshly ground coffee was deliciously wafting into my room. Mansi was out of station. I was in my pajamas when the doorbell sounded.


It was a woman who looked about her early twenties, with ebony-black hair, staring at me with her penetrating chocolate-brown eyes and had a chiseled look.


“Yes, Do I know you?” I offered, to prevent myself from going too deep into her eyes.


“No, Mr.Varun, I’m afraid not. I’m Vandana Mathur. My grandmother Geetanjali received your letter.” she replied curtly, smiling at the maid. Sensing she needed some privacy, I stepped out of the house.


“Yeah, that’s better. Now what on earth were you thinking when you sent that letter?! I don’t know what’s in that but it sure did make her want to run and meet you!” she vociferated.


“Wait. What? Geetanjali is here? It’s been less than a week since I sent that! Unbelievable!” I grinned like a moonstruck puppy.


“Privileged to make your acquaintance, you may now kindly stay out of my granny’s life.” she said with a not-very-cleverly hidden hint of sarcasm.


“No! Wait! Where is she? In town?”

“Of course”

“Can I meet her?”
“Of course...NOT!”


Knowing that that was coming, I murmured something inaudible and ran after her; desperately wanting to meet my mystery woman.

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