The Brim of Desire


9. The Search

The next morning Varun stumbled upon Vandana’s conversation with her grandma.


“You can’t be serious granny? You want to search for Madhav?”, I heard Vandana hissing.


“Sorry I’m late”


“No worries, It’s great to see you!” Granny smiled.


“Of course she’s searching, Vandana. What’s his full name?”


“Madhav Sharma”


“There must be thousands-”


I fidgeted with my laptop and within seconds, “Aha- there are fifty in this region.”


“FIFTY?” yelled Vandana.


“Granny you’re certain he wouldn’t have left his hometown?”


“Certain. He always told me he loved this place. The smell of wet soil, sea breeze, and the whole identity the place had. He wouldn’t.”


“Brilliant. That rules it down to ten then. The first one isn’t that far from here, say ten kilometres.”


“Let’s do it” Geetanjali said with steady determination.


On the other hand, Vandana still looked unsure about it.

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