The Brim of Desire



11. The Search- II

The troika set off, hopes high, onto the search for the next Madhav. It took them a good two hours to arrive. What they saw, took their breath away. It was a beautiful house, massive, looking more like a mansion despite it not being one. Its beauty was indescribably wonderful to the eye.


“Wow, wouldn’t this be awesome?” Vandana muttered, eyes lit up.


“Well, there’s only one way to know isn’t there?” saying so, Geetanjali strode to the door, and asked to meet Madhav ‘sir’.


His eyes were sensuous and radiant like pure diamonds which captured every nerve in her mind. His body was firmly-built like a knight waiting to rescue her in his strong arms. He was undeniably a true gentleman with a pleasant and respectable persona.


In some time, she told him about her quest for her love and asked if he was the one she was on the prowl for.


“I’m not sure I’m the one you’re looking for. But, let me tell you this. Any man would be an absolute fool to let you go. Had I been your man, I would’ve hunted you down, however long it would’ve taken me. No one in their right mind would leave you. It’s beautiful, what you’re doing and you’re a brave woman. Listen… Geetanjali, if you don’t find Madhav, you come back here okay? I’m there.” He finished with a hesitant note in his voice.


“Thank you, you are very kind, Madhav.” Saying so, Geetanjali bid farewell with a polite smile.


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